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ZZR's ...... any good?...... Opinions Needed

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by knoxville_83, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    I was wondering if someone could answer a couple of questions about the zzr's. I recently noticed one advertised for $2000 with a helmet. The bike was a 1994 model and seemed reasonably tidy. I was wondering how the performance of these bikes was when compared to that of fzr's and the like. My mate reckons zzr's are shit cause his mate has one and his shitty suzuki gti keeps up with it.

    Also does anyone know the horsepower figures for the fzr rr's?

    Basically Im looking for a fast 4 stroke 250 for under 3 gran..... suggestions?

  2. Re: ZZR's ...... ANY GOOD? ...... OPINIONS NEEDED

    Those words don't really go together unless your idea of fast is what most people consider to be relatively slow.

    The only fast 250's are two stroke and even they aren't all that fast compared to bigger four strokes.

    Do your time on a 250 if that's the situation you're in, save some more money up or get a loan when you've got some exp and then move up to a fast bike. You won't get much for under 3 grand.
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  4. all 250's are slow mate (well perhaps not the rgv and rs250) you're going to get bored of whichever one you get so put more effort into getting a clean one, as for the zzr i have one and they're a nice bike to learn on, you could do a lot worse.

    3k is also a very limiting factor so don't bother looking at cbr's etc, any for 3k will be rank.
  5. Aint nothin wrong with the zzr. Hell they are all slow, but the point of a bike is to go round corners not to go fast in a straight line, Any knob can twist a throttle. If you get bored in a month and think u need a faster bike u r dreaming,the point of a 250 is to teach u road skills and riding techniques before letting you loose on a 170 hp cycle. grab it, ride it to death and pass it along to the next bloke/girl who wants a 250, U will always sell it easy.
  6. you aint gonna get a fast 250 for that kind of price.
    my cuz has a zzr and i can tell you that they are good bikes to learn on. you dont want to go fast if your a beginner coz you'll most likely fall and kill yourself.
  7. If you are looking at the zzr go for its twin, the GPX instead. pretty much the same bike and far more liklely to get a gpx for less than 3000 than a zzr. zzr is usually at least $500 more for the same year.