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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by azed9, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. I noticed the Aussie Kwaka site doesn't list the ZZR600. Does anyone know why this is the case? What's the lastest model (second hand) that was sold here?

    Also, I take it the current model, available in the US, was released in 2005?

    It'd be a shame if Kawasaki didn't sell them anymore here as the bike seems to get some pretty good reviews as a general all rounder.

  2. They run it up too pretty recently. It hadn't changed in about 10 years however.

    I never liked the idea of the lower hozizontal additions to the frame. Looked too venrable.
  3. Kawasaki Australia dont bring it in to the country anymore. I think because they have overstocked on that zx6 and en whatever it is ( faired and unfaired ) Last one they brought in was the 2005 I'm pretty sure. There is a 2006 model , but just not in Australia.
  4. Yep no more zzr600 :cool:
  5. thanks guys.
  6. The ER6F is the replacement for the ZZR-600 Which sucks, because this years ZZR-600 ROCKS!!!
  7. ...that's just an old zx6r.
  8. I agree with you. That would have been my upgrade bike. I've also written to Kawasaki and told them of my plans to go elsewhere now. They have no decent midrange tourer in Australia now. Big Mistake imho on their part. Of course they seem not to care much. So be it.
  9. Throw us the addy and I'll also voice my concern on the subject.
  10. Sorry about the delay Falcon-Lord. Early bike service at floyd parkes and them well, what a day for riding.
    Floyd Parkes are redesigning their website amongst other things so I have vioced my opinions there in person. Its not easy finding contact info for Kawasaki Australia , but I have sent my mail to all the dealers I can find. Here they are -

    Snail mail to this mob , listed as the distributors of Kawasaki in Australia on a japanese site -

    Kawasaki Motors Pty., Ltd.
    Unit Q 10-16 South Street
    Rydalmere, NSW 2116, AUSTRALIA

    Snail mail to this listed Dealer in Melbourne -

    03 9663 4565
    03 9663 2589

    Emails to the following Dealers -


    Forms filled out on their websites to the following -


    03 9557 4383
    03 9557 4735

    Ph: 03 9757 6000
    Fax: 03 9757 6099
  11. For the current zzr600 what are those frame extensions around the engine used for? the one that seems to split the fairings into upper and lower?

    I was thinking it was a crash bar of type..
  12. Not to sure what you mean Mini Monster but the frame is a Aluminium perimeter frame. Do you mean the ducts for the twin ram air induction?
  13. Nah, they have always been there. Definatley not crash bars or air ducts. I think they pick up a point on the front of the engine or something.

    To me they are anti-crash bars. If you dropped one of these, it'd pretty much be a write off.
  14. Nope!

    This is the curent ZX6R

    This years ZZR-600 is based on the ZX6R that had it's last year in 2004, though the front fairing is a little diferent.
  15. The pic I posted is _this_ years (2006) ZZR, check the UK Kawasaki site if you don't believe me.

    The pic you posted may well be the 2007 model ZZR, but you claimed it was this years (2006), which it is not.
  16. And there is a zzr 1400 planned for 2008. Check the uk site, take a lot of the zx14 collateral and puts it is a sports tourer. Doubt it will make it here. i believe there is still a zzr1000 (again not here) it's called the concours.
    I do wish they would bring them bank. I to would have taken them as a preferred upgade.
  17. What's all the fuss about? Why should Kawasaki keep two lines of inline 4cyl bikes if one line isn't selling? Would Kawasaki have had excess stock or ceased importing the ZZR600 if enough people wanted to buy one?

    For those who think there is no suitable replacement, I wonder how many have actually test ridden the ER-6f rather than just form an opinion based on the cosmic alignment of a peperoni pizza? Personally I think it makes a great replacement and unlike the ZZR makes a real competitor to Suzuki's SV which has been very successful.

    It just makes sence to me that if you want a 4cyl 600, you should possiibly look at the Yammy FZ6 or GSR600. I doubt complaining to Kawasaki will make much difference to their plan. They now have one bike to replace 2 and consistently gets rave reviews for it. Given the length of time they've been selling bikes, I guess they know what they're doing. :)

    I agree the ZZR is a terrific bike, but it seems unnecessary so bring on the new world order and widen the search scope a bit. :)
  18. I would have thought the zx14 was a sports tourer. Certainly isn't a pure sports bike.
  19. The pic I posted is the 2006 ZZR-600 selling in the US.