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zzr600 feul pump

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Trying to find prob with a zzr600 (1994) and its hard to start... Wont rev above 5000rmp and is hard to start. Only fires up with jumper leads, so the battery is farked. It could possibly be the fuel pump, becouse the lines were full of crap (rusty, orange feul)
    I have cleaned the tank (water/metho), drained carbies, and cleaned the feul filter... To clean the pump, I am going to hook it up to a battery, with the intake hose in a bucket of petrol, and flush the crud out...
    Apart from replacing the battery, regulator, and cleaning out the feuling system, is thre anything I may have missed (apart from plugs, filters ect)
    Just really want to know how it is best to clean out tank better, as alot of rust inside.... Is it worh buying a tank cleaner solution?

  2. hey i got a similar problem with my zzr.
    doest start, even with jumper leads.
    where abouts in melbourne are you maybe we can cry over our bikes together
    plus i got a workshop manual so i can email it to you if you want :)
  3. Hey.

    Definitely flush the fuel pump as you've described. Rust in the tank? Then everything downstream from the tank is suss, as I'm sure you know. Replace the fuel filter, don't just clean it.

    I'd say that after the fuel pump, you'll be up for lots and lots of carb cleaning - take 'em all off and put aside, oh, a weekend or so! If you have gummy fuel in your lines AND rust in your tank, you've effectively been glueing iron oxide all throughout your jets. Excellent. You need to strip them all out and clean every part thoroughly.

    Also, particularly if your bike has done more than a few touring kays, check the carb slides for notches - on a constant throttle setting, vibration wears notches into the slides so that they can be reluctant to go past that point. A bit of fine wet and dry and a lot of patience smoothes them out.

    Talk to a fuel injection shop or similar and see if you can get a professional tank cleaning job done - they use the stuff we mortals can't buy, and they'll sort out the problem for good. Otherwise, be prepared to repeat the cleaning process.

    All the best. Hope this isn't how you're spending your Easter....

  4. Thanks mate, done most of it already... Damage was alot worse than we thought... Might be a throw away job... Not sure. Oh well, its not how im spending my easter, the owner probably has no choice though. Thanks for the advice - the slide advice is something I didnt know - you learn something everyday. Good on you.