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ZZR600 charging issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by zx9er, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Hi. I'm having a recurring intermittent issue with my battery charging system.

    After riding the bike on occasion the battery will be dead. I have 2 batteries on the go one of them a fancy lithium one.

    The bike will try to turn over but it'll be clearly stuffed. Then the second time I try to start I'll get a clicking sound. It'll push start fine but its hard to get the necessary speed with my arthritic legs.

    One forum suggested a blown diode? Another a complicated way of testing each wire. My cousin tested the alternator and thats fine.

    Your thoughts?
  2. A mechanic found a melted wire and replaced that. That kept me going for about 4 months, then I got the same problem.
  3. First place to check is that same wire and it's connections. If it went once and the cause wasn't addressed then it's likely to have gone again.
    If the stator is ok then it's pretty much down to the regulator/rectifier. I'd have to ferret through a workshop manual to get more familiar with that model but there's not usually much more in a bike charging system.
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  4. The ZZR600 has an alternator with it's output rated at 24Amps 14Volts at 8000rpm. You need a voltmeter to check that.
    I'd still be checking the original problem wire. If it that again, then you need to find out why it keeps happening. (Possibly a short circuit?)
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  5. Ok this is bizzare. I went to take the battery out to charge it this arvo and thought I'd chuck the multimeter on it first. It was reading 12.5 volts! Sure enough it started fine. How could it have been dead the other day to the extent where I had to push start it then miraculously have charge after just that short drive home (5-10minutes),
    My only clue was that it was a dampish day when it wouldn't start and it had a week without being used under a cover to dry out.
  6. Sounds like some seriously shitty connections, bad starter relay OR the brushes in the starter motor are about toast and not always making contact.
  7. Ok. I rode it again today and it was definitely discharging as I rode. The signal lights were getting lower and lower then sure enough it wouldn't start when I filled up with petrol.

    Does this indicate a false earth?
    Dark Angel what is the function of the starter relay?
  8. The starter relay just feeds power to the starter motor. If it's failing you'll get unreliable starting that can seem like a flat battery. It doesn't sound like that now though. It definitely sounds like the bike isn't charging.

    I'd be checking all the easy stuff first, like making sure connections are clean and tight and cables aren't broken, then checking output voltages from the alternator and regulator/rectifier.
  9. Ok
    I saw someone take a video of what happens when they try to start the bike. I'll do that too as it seems like a good idea.
  10. Ok. I realized I was out of my depth and took it to an auto electrician. He said for 2 minutes the battery would charge but after that it would stop charging. He said that meant it was the regulator/rectifier. I've ordered one. Hopefully that's the end of my electical problems...
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