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zzr50 (ex250)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by xtr3m3, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. High can someone fill me in on what the (ex250) is?

  2. EX250 is the engine used by Kwaka for both the ZZR250 and GPX250 bikes (and possibly others - I dont know?)

    Its a fabulous piece of engineering - super-reliable, cheap and so good they didnt need to change anything between its debut in 198? all the way up to the GPXs of 2007 (and possibly even current ninja250R?)....
  3. That motor has been around since 1988 afaik. Although apparently it was available as early as 1987. 1986/7 models had a slightly different motor but similar enough. For example the main service manual is for all models since 1986 and there's a suppliment for models between '88 and '97 - they're the books I have anyway. I think the engine remained largely untouched until 2005 when some changes were made.
  4. Did the GPZ250 use the same engine?
  5. Nope. Just the name.
  6. Isn't EX250F also the internal kawasaki name for the GPX250R?