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ZZR250 wont start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by m4kochan, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. hey guys,

    so I got a 94 ZZR250 and been running like a dream. Left in the garage for past two days and went to start it this morning and it just wouldn't kick over.

    Gave it a full on choke and a few blips and it eventually started... rode it just across the road and moved out of the garage.

    Once it was turned off, I decided to try and start it again... nothing!

    I get neutral light on, oil light on, there's plenty of oil in her, if I shake the bike I can hear petrol splash (there might not be too much in there) but even on reserve nothing

    I hit the ignition switch and it tries to start but doesn't kick over. I tried to push start it downhill aand clicked it into first gear but it just slowed down and made this "whirrrrrrrrrr" noise. it moves when its in first gear with the clutch in. If I hit the switch while its in first gear with the clutch all the way in the bike moves forward a bit.

    Could this be a flat battery or what kind of thing can I do to try and get this started?


  2. put some petrol in it, its normal for the oily light to be on when its not running
  3. had a look in the fuel tank, there looks to be plenty of fuel in there....
  4. cant help you then
  5. Kill switch?

    Edit... On second reading, can't be this - forget it
  6. yeah ive checked stand is up, kill switch is not on,
  7. take the choke off
  8. Is it spinning when you press the starter, or just clicking and/or stops doing anything?
    (Oil light is normal until engine is running).
  9. just keeps spinning while im holding it in like its waiting for the motor to start up?

    bit like a car when you turn the key and it just makes that bzzzz noise but doesnt start the motor

    and now my battery is flat trying to start it... lights all die soon as i press the starter, the tacho moves for some reason now too ?
  10. Charge the battery, tacho is probably just upset from the low voltage don't worry about that.
    Bump starting 1st is too low a gear, choose 2nd or third.
    Try starting with the fuel tap in Prime rather than Reserve
    Do you have spark? Remove one lead and lean it against the frame of the bike, when you crank do you get spark across to the frame, dark garage is best for testing this.
    Fuel filter can you see the filter, is there fuel in it and no crud?
  11. Battery is not the original fault then. But you do need to recharge the battery before you can investigate other causes.
  12. If you have access to a car/jumper leads connect them up in the usual way and try and start it. If it starts with good charge from the car, might indicate your current battery is fcuked.
  13. OK just to update - had the shits all day mucking around with it.

    left it for a few hours when it felt like the battery was flat, full choke put throttle on full blast and hit the ignition after about 30 seconds it kind of started.

    so gave it another few goes and it DID start, but if i let my hand off the throttle it would die. It also just sat around 1000rpm and wouldnt move at all.

    let it run and die like that a few times then it started responding to the throttle, gave it a quick ride around the bloke... seemed ok even at the lights, ok... took it to the servo filled it right up with fuel, rode around for another 10-15 mins.. all seems OK for now

    still unsure what would of caused it,

    or if it will happen again
  14. Sounds like it ws flooded.
  15. hey guys,

    i posted a few weeks ago, my bike was flooded and wouldnt start. it eventually started, 94 ZZR250.

    had issues with it starting since then. now it wont start at all. had a mechanic took it all apart today, cleaned the carbs, checked the engine all good. engine kept flooding though.

    took it to pieces, spent 10 hours sweating and swearing. hooked it all back up and the engine floods. unplug the fuel tank and start it , works fine with the fuel tank unplugged.

    plug the fuel tank back in, works fine. connect the vacuum hose and instantly dies.

    I can try and start it with the vacuum unplugged, but it only kicks over when I blow air into the vacuum hose. when connected to the tank again it dies instantly.

    any idea what the hell might be the cause of this ? its doing my head in

    also when it floods in the air box thing / where the air filter goes is full of petrol.... if that helps diagnose anything, when it floods
  16. You have a leaking fuel tap diaphragm. Buy a fuel tap repair kit or replace the fuel tap assembly.
  17. would the leaking tap diaphram stop the bike turning over ? that was the issue initially, it would just try and try and wouldnt start.... now replaced the plugs and the bike floods them and the plug area gets fuel in it, the airbox filter thingo gets fuel in it....

    bike starts when the tank is off, but its really hard takes about 1 minute to kick over
  18. Yes, a fuel tap diaphragm would stop the engine turning over, if it had a large enough leak & sucked enough fuel into the cylinder to cause a hydraulic lock. It would also stop it from starting, by sucking in enough fuel to make the mixture too rich to start.
    When you say "turning over", do you mean that when you press the starter button, you hear a click from the solenoid, but the starter motor fails to crank the engine over? Perhaps you mean that it would crank, but would not start?

    If you have fuel in both the cylinders, fouling the plugs, and also fuel in the airbox, then this suggests the carbie float valves (needles) are leaking.

    With the fuel tank off, did the bike run just on the fuel remaining in the carbs, or did you hooked up an auxiliary fuel supply?

    When you hooked up the fuel, but not the vacuum, and the bike ran, what position was the fuel tap in. ON, RES or PRI. In the ON or RES position, fuel will only flow when there is vacuum, but in the PRI position, fuel will flow all the time.
    Now if you hooked up the fuel line, but not the vacuum, and the fuel tap was in ON or RES, this is no different than having the fuel tank removed. But if you hooked up the fuel line and turned the tap to PRI, with the vacuum line disconnected, then does it still flood, or will it run ok until the vacuum pipe is connected?

    What I am trying to determine with these questions, is whether fuel going into the fuel line is causing the carbs to flood, or fuel being sucked down the vacuum line.

    Also what is your oil level like? You may also have a crankcase full of fuel.
    Have you cleaned the fuel out of the air box and air filter before attempting to start it?
    Have you tried tapping the fuel bowls to free a stuck float valve assembly?
    Have you checked that the carb breather pipes are not blocked, as this can also cause it to flood?
  19. He stated in the OP it works without the vacuum line attached (though he didn't say for how long) and floods without it. This would suggests the diaphragm is working fine. It's lifting under vacuum and sealing without it.

    To the me the problem is a float needle not sealing and your mechanic should have fixed it.