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zzr250 won't idle after drop

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chris789, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Dropped my zzr250 for the first time on the weekend, back wheel got stuck in something doing a very low speed u turn on a slight very dark hill.

    Bike was running when it fell and turned off before i picked it up.

    Took me ages to start and then when i did i reved the shit out of it for a little bit then took off (i heard this was to get rid of shit that could of built up but this might be wrong).

    I rode it to a mates place 5km away then parked it for the night. Rode it home the next day.

    Now when I start it, it idles lots lower in all circumstances ie with no choke on it's less then 1000 (And struggles not to stall) used to be high 1000's. With full choke it's only like 3-4k not 5-6k.

    My friend said it might be firing on one cylinder? Is this true? How do i fix it?
    If not what's wrong?

    It had a major service with all new oils, fluids etc. around end of june/start of july and i've only put 200km on it since then.
  2. It would be more noticeable than that if it was firing on one cylinder. Check your idle adjustment. Might have just knocked it around in the drop! Could also be some crap moving around in the carbies that you shifted when you dropped it - if so, it'll probably sort itself out fairly shortly.
  3. Well it seems like the prob is caused by the drop.
    I am thinking fueling problems.
    Have u tried to adjust the idle screw.

    Many times the floats in the carbs get stuck from the sudden impact of the drop. Give the carbs a strong tap with a rubber mallet.
    Maybe a kinked fuel line.
  4. Adjusted the idle screw and it has seemed to make it better, something still seems odd though. (Although i've only ridden it 220km since i bought it and the drop happend around 200)

    Fuel efficiency isn't what i'm expecting, around 220km till reserve from full.

    Also i've noticed that the old owner must of filled the motor oil and brake fluid too high. Can't see air at the top of either guage after a ride. (ie above full).

    Should drain this abit i'm guessing?

    Couldn't see any fluid in the little white coolant thing but that could be just because the case isn't very see through, doesn't overheat in traffic.
  5. I'd put my money on that it's a fuelling issue.
    When a carb'd bike is laid down it undoubtedly causes fuel to go where otherwise fuel wouldn't be; usually flooding it or making it a right b!tch to start again. For what it's worth, i would advise leaving the bike for a few minutes for everything to drain back to where it should be before starting it up again, instead of firing it up immediately after a drop.

    If your mechanically inclined i'd be looking to remove and clean the carbs to make sure everything is clean and moving smoothly and free from grit/dirt/grime/gunk. You'd be amazed at how much rubbish accumulates in your fuel system over time.

    If your gut is telling you something isn't the same with the bike as before the drop, then your probably right.