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ZZR250 vs GSX250F Across vs ????

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Tbass, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Howdy all,

    I finished my QRide today (yay for me :woot:) so now the search for a bike begins. I am looking for a cheap, reliable daily commuter and have pretty much settled on either a Kawasaki ZZR250 or a Suzuki GSX250F Across as I fit on them comfortably (I am 6'4") and they are selling within my budget (low $3000's).

    I'm looking for people who have had experience on either or both these bikes that can tell me whats good/bad about them, what I should be looking out for when buying and are there any other good bikes I may not have considered?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. These were the two I shortlisted when I was looking for my first ride. I chose the the ZZR mainly because it had a 18 litre fuel tank, which meant I didn't have to refuel more than once a week. The across does have that really cool storage compartment instead of a fuel tank though so it comes down what you want to carry, fuel - or other stuff? :grin:
  3. Have owned both. Both are good quality reliable bikes but the ZZR wins as it is easier to ride around town and is a little bigger than the Across.
  4. We have a ZZR250 Here and its a great bike. We also looked at the Across but couldnt find one in good enough nick.
    There is 4 of everything with them as opposed to 2 of everything with the ZZR. Top speed is about the same as is the rest of the performance. I think the ZZR still looks current.
    Both are ideal for the "larger" rider but my money would be with the ZZR. Personal choice only.

    Just make sure the oil filter has been changed if buying private. A lot of people thing these bikes dont have one. It's different but they do!

    Congrats and good luck mate.
  5. zzr's are a good learning bike but most people out grow their power (or lack there of ) pretty quick. the gsx250 across is an inline 4 (instead of the inline 2 zzr) with a fair bit more grunt, you can store your helmet under the "tank" but grungenut is right - only 12litre fuel tank is a bit of a downside.
  6. The Across is 45hp the Aust delivered ZZR is 44hp and its delivered much lower making it easier to ride/learn on. If you can pick 1hp you're better than me. They weigh within a fart of each other too.
  7. Its true the gsxf has more hp. What it does with the extra power I have no idea, because the zzr is certainly faster and has a very noticeably higher top speed.

    Its kind of a trade off, if you want a long fuel range (450kms vs. half that for gsxf) get the zzr. If you want a huge space thats very convenient for putting a heap of stuff in, get the across.

    Both are useful for commuting, its up to you which you'd prefer.

    FYI, zzr being 2 cyl makes it easier to potter around on as it develops its power at lower revvs.
  8. Thanks for all the quick replies.

    Any idea if there would be much of a difference in maintenance/repair costs between the two? Being a 2 cylinder the ZZR has less part to replace but does being a lower revving engine make it more reliable/stronger than the Across?

  9. Over to you phizog I havent done a ZZR service yet. :wink:
  10. They're both quite cheap to maintain, being 250.

    The zzr will generally be cheaper to maintain though, of course it depends if you're comparing similar year and km bikes. FYI, harder to find a good condition gsxf compared to zzr - since they have made zzrs here up until last year.
  11. 44hp from a twin, yeah right. Try 35hp.
    The Across was 45hp though, and 10hp should definitely be noticeable.
  12. :oops: I stand corrected. 40hp @9000 USA 35hp.
    I still say they're a better bike.
  13. 35hp in the US, 35hp in Japan. For 40hp @ 9000rpm you'd need 32nm of torque - which'd need a compression ratio of around 30:1 (or a big ass turbo) ;).

    Still I agree that the ZZR is a better learner bike, but the Across is faster. Though there's 250s that are faster still so the main reason for choosing an Across would be either the luggage space, or if it just feels more comfortable.
  14. ZZR bike

    sorry my post is abit bias towards the ZZR because I have one for sale in this forum.

    Good fuel efficiency actually really good in that area. Fast and very reliable. Good storage underseat (i have a raincoat, wheel lock and cargo net in there all the time). The seat is actually too big for me and when i pillion the passenger slides towards me. So this bike is ideally for a larger person.

    service, well I do that every 2000KM, easy 10 min oil and oil filter change because of center stand. $49 Motul semi syth oil 4 litre (good for 2 oil changes), $12 oil filter. I use the Motul Wash and Wax, man this product is really good.

    sorry i can only give you the ZZR side of things.

    hope you find you next dream ride.

    Take care,
  15. As I said, I don't know where the extra power goes.

    From my personal experience, zzr is def faster, and top speed is a good 15+ kmh faster. Same thoughts from the owner when we switched.

    Edit; not that it matters, they're both still 250cc and both fine bikes, just setting the story straight.
  16. The ZZR handles better than the Across and is just as fast or slow. The differance between the 4 stroke 250cc bikes is not that much at all they are all slow. When I had the Across I raced alot of other 250 bikes at the lights CBR r & rr, ZZR, GPX, ZXR and Hyo's and all were very close. My ZZR would do an indicated 175 flat out and the Across would do 165. Both bikes were under 30k. The Across only had 7k on it when I bought it. I did a major service on it including fork oil and the handling was still not as good as the old ZZR.
  17. I owned a 95 aus del Across and test ridden an aus del ZZR. I'm a huuuge fan of the Across, in fact if I could have afforded to keep it as well as buy the cbr6 I would have.

    I felt that there was a big difference in power between the two, particularly as the speed increases. I had spacers put in the forks of the Across as well as change the oil and found that made a big improvement to handling.

    Either way you're looking at two great bikes and I doubt you'll be disappointed with either.
  18. At the lights doesn't mean much. It's in roll-on acceleration at speed where you really notice the difference between a 2 and 4 cylinder 250 (ie overtaking).
  19. If you're commuting a relatively short distance and want to carry stuff without needing a backpack then definitely the across.

    I've owned two for that very reason.

    The across will show its flaws mainly in the smaller fuel tank... but hey, stopping for fuel gets you off that damn uncomfortable seat for a few min :p. Don't try riding it more than an hour or so at a time or you'll understand all too well.

    If you're going further, want a comfy seat and don't mind taking a backpack everywhere then get the ZZR.

    Forget maintainance cost, tuning up the extra carbs and buying two more sparkplugs isn't that big a deal. You don't do it that often to worry.
  20. ^ +1

    i own an across and have ridden my mates ZZR a few times.

    Personally i like the across better. Forgetting what some people have said the across isnt a rocket theyre both probably about the same. The across has a few more features and the boot rocks. The zzr is better for long distances though: little more upright comfy seat and larger tank.

    still think the across is the best learner bike out there