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ZZR250 ticking noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by KANGA, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys

    So a few weeks ago my bike has developed ticking noise. I'm riding a 2000, ZZR250.

    I've taken it down to the mechanics and had valve clearances done but the sound is still there. They also checked the cam chain tensioner and said its not that.

    The best way I can describe the sound would be a ratchet wrench spinning around really fast. It doesn't start until I reach around 4000 rpm plus.

    It used to get covered up by the engine noise once I reached around 7000 rpm but now I can hear it clearly over the engine at 9000 rpm.

    If I bring the clutch in, the noise stops. At higher RPM it takes a bit longer and will slow down over a second or two to a stop.

    Any input would be much appreciated, thanks for you're time guys.
  2. I'm no mechanic and I don't know ZZR250 engines very well, but could it be that your starter clutch isn't releasing and your starter ring gear is still engaged?

    I'm sure wiser heads will be along shortly.
  3. its probably best if you can record the sound so people can hear it, I've had a problem with my bike making an constant tapping sound ( in this tread https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=124019) if its similar mine had a combination of damaged rocker arm closed valves and damaged camshaft
  4. Hmmm not sure how I can record it, I tried reving the bike in neutral before and I couldnt hear the ticking as loud as i could when I'm gear (another sympton I guess).
    I'll see if I can figure out a way, until then any other ideas would be much appreciated.
  5. Does it happen when you are in gear and moving or in gear while stationary with the clutch in or both?
  6. In gear and moving, alot louder at higher RPM, stops if I pull the clutch in.
    If Im stationary with the clutch in I've got nothing.
  7. Maybe your cam chain is losing tension?
  8. sounds like something loose around the clutch basket, possibly the basket itself.
    Does the clutch feel different from normal? ie more/less lever travel or enganges at a different spot than usual..
  9. @Whitey Well the mechanics checked out the cam chain tensioner as that was there second theory and they said that was fine.

    @foot The clutch feels exactly the same, to be honest the only change I have noticed in the bike is the noise.

    I tried to record some sounds last night using my mobile, then engine drowns out most of it since it was sitting so close to it but theres a few spots where it creeps above the engine noise.
    I don't know if the sound quality is good enough for anyone to decipher but I'll try post it sometime tonight.
  10. My GPX (same engine?) did exactly the same thing for over 10,000kms. I've heard this is a common issue with 250kawas but it never gave me any grief.
  11. How long since the chain has been adjusted and lubed?
    If the noise is there under load but dissapears when you pull the clutch, (no load), its a possibility..
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    Sorry about the crap quality guys, if you guys can actually make anything out I'll be surprised. You can catch some of the ticking for half a second at the 6 second mark. At the 10 second mark as I ease of the accelerator you can hear it as the engine dies down.

    Its a lot louder and more constant then this video shows. For anyone whos had a ZZR i popped my iPhone in that small compartment on left hand side and prayed that it didn't fly out. sorry guys but its the best video I can do for now.

    FootFoot I couldn't tell you I bought the bike second hand 3 monthes ago so its a definite possibility
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    First job then is to adjust and lube the chain. You should be giving it a quick clean, check and lube at least once a week if ridden most days.
  14. I don't really know the first thing about bike maintainence but I did a bit of research in to it and it seems easy enough, I'll do it first thing sunday!
  15. Cheers foot much appreciated. Looks like me and a friend are going to be tackeling both our bikes together so fingers crossed!
  16. As long as you keep your fingers well clear of the chain as it gets near the sprocket. I know too many people with bits of fingers missing.

    Bloody funny if its not happening to you tho..
  17. no love, still ticking away ... have a clean chain now though! Definitely gonna keep my eye on that in the future.

    Any more ideas guys?
  18. At least its some maintenance that's done now.
    I cant hear anything in the youtube clip apart from the wind and engine noise, nothing else stands out. Sorry mate.
  19. Hello.. I have a ZZR600, i have a ticking noise as well.. when I took the bike to a mech for a major service, the mech said that many kawis with high k's develop that noise, and its from the carbs, apparently the flaps(vents) tend to wear out and they tap against the body of the carbs.. he said its no biggie, you can if you want replace the parts, but then he said its costly and that the body of the carbs wears out anyway, so if you are really fussy then you can replace the carbs.. but that it wasn't worth the hassle, as it doesnt really change the performance. My 2c.. good luck!!