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ZZR250 temperature

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by KBiker, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Hey all, just a question regarding the idle and running temperature for a ZZR250.

    I've recently had my bike in the shop to repair a faulty fan sender wire, as my bike was tending to overheat while sitting still.

    Now, it seems to hit the 3/4 mark before the fan kicks in. It doesn't get any hotter than that, but I'm worried that its still getting too hot. Running seems to be ok, the temp gauge reaches about 1/4 when moving. However, when stoped or moving slowly, the temp gauge starts to climb to the 3/4 mark again.

    Just wondering if this is normal for other GPX/ZZR owners? I realise bikes get hotter when sitting still, but I've always though the 250's are a pretty cool machine (and temp wise :grin: )

  2. those temp's you just read out sound spot on dude, relaz, nothing to worry about... (that or both of our bikes are fukd...!)

    Side note, I installed a manual fan switch to my bike for summer, with the fan on sitting still at this time of year (well, melbourne 5-15 degree days) the temp stays around a quater on the mark...

    Also, try introducing yourself in the newbie's section first too...
  3. haha cheers mate, yeah just picked up this bike and wasn't too happy about the fan issue... Just checking to see if the temps are ok.

    I'll take it for a big blat this friday (which I conveniently have the day off), and see how it goes.
  4. temp seems to be same as mine too although diff bikes.... but i think i gota check if my fan clicks on....
  5. Perfectly normal.

    I'd even like to see ours run a little hotter on the road.

    Who knows what the actual temp is as the gauge doesn't mean much. Just tells you whether its hotter or cooler than last time without proper calibration.
  6. Just a bit of an update, the bike got really hot again in traffic...

    Started leaking coolant again as it reached pretty much the lower limit of the redline.

    Took it in the shop, and they've determined the fan behaviour is strange; it may turn on half way, but then again.. it might not.

    So they've rigged up a manual fan switch for me (it was all done cheaply).

    I'll end up getting it fixed properly when I take it in for a service. Being a 2nd hand bike it will probably need it. The previous owner said he sold it due to lack of use, so who knows how long its been sitting in the garage.
  7. good thing about it is when its cold and you switch on the fan, it;ll blow warm air on your legs :LOL:
  8. Haha haven't thought about it like that!!

    Yeah I thought it was going to be a pain in the ass to switch on and off the fan (the switch is located in a covered section on the left side of the dash... people with a zzr250 will know what I'm talking about!), so its not real easy to switch it on and off at will.

    I'm figuring that I'll leave it on in the city (and after warm up of course), and switch it off when I can maintain a decent speed. Shouldn't cause the fan to explode or something? :grin:
  9. I sometimes forget and leave mine on doing all sorts of speeds. Fan still works, bike still stays cool. When doing speed with or without fan it sits just under a 1/4 on the temp gauge. When sitting still with fan on, sits at the same spot, 1/4 on temp gauge.

    If you coolant bottle was too full, it will spit some out until it gets to a happy medium. Don't over fill it.
  10. Dunno about the GPX, but its a well known fact that on the CBR250, the fan switches on at 3/4. Some people make a manual switch and turn it on earlier, but i'd just leave it how the manufacturer designed it.
  11. it wont make a difference when your warming up the bike and the fans on, because remember theres teh temperature operated valve which opens to let coolant flow through the raditor. too cool nothign goes through the raditor and fan wont cool anything
  12. Thermostat.
  13. yes thats what its called