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zzr250 stuck throttle clutch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by djdx2, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Ok lads, i own a Kawasaki ZZR250 1995.

    Pretti good condition, had a top engine rebuild about about 5-6 months ago, runs sweet.

    I haev just arrived back from a 5 week holiday in italy, stored the bike in the garage, petrol tank full and plugs STILL on the battery.

    YES, i know first mistake, shouldve taken off the plugs...
    But a simple battery charge will take care of that if thats the problem.....

    I tried starting it up just now......its reving, but jus wont turn over......battery not charged fully???

    But thats not my main concern, the throttle is STUCK!!!!! wot the hell? Ive never had a stuck throttle before, never had problems in that department before, why is it that? Ignition on or off, the same.

    And then, i poped it into first gear, ready to do a jump start, pull in the clutch......then the bike STOPS, as if im in first gear with no clutch pulled in, BUT ITS IN THE WHOLE WAY!!!!

    The clutch and throttle seem to be not working, wots happening?????

  2. Somebody wound the adjusters out?
  3. Silly but..... Did you remember to put the sidestand up???
    This would explain one problem (sidestand cutout) and a lack of 'action' ;)
    could explain the throttle..... Try working it.
    If it feels to be free but just wont rev, if it was left with fuel in it (especially premium) there is quite possibly water in the carby bowls....
    Empty them out and new fuel....
    Just a thought