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ZZR250 starts but wont run for long

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by EVOSTi, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. i just sold my ZZR250 on ebay because i havent ridden it for over 2 months. the mourning of the guy coming to get it i start it up and it runs fine so i switch it off.

    the guy comes from newcastle (im in SW Sydney) by train and goes to test the bike and it loses all power. he rides it down the street and comes back with the bike stalling.

    lucky the guy is nice and understanding so we go about diagnosing the problem. first we drained the tank to near empty then ride it to the servo and get a full tank, bike doesnt make it back so we push it.

    bike has spark to both cylinders, and it feels like a fuel issue anyway. we pull out the carbs, check everything and it seems sweet. blow out all the lines and jets, check the float etc and its all good. put it back together and the same problem.

    i start it, ride it down the street, boot it up the hill and its good but then just cuts out, cant even clutch it down the hill.

    any ideas? could there be a problem with the fuel tap?
  2. could be your fuel tap all bunged up and not letting the proper amount of fuel through, also check for tight, twisted or kinked fuel hoses.

    one other thing you can try is see if the tank vent (either on the filler cap or a seperate pipe off the top of the tank) isnt blocked as it causes a vacuum in the tank and starves the engine of fuel
  3. sluglie, thanks for that idea i will check its not blocked when i get home from work today.

    tweet, it has spark, i beleive its a fuel issue.
  4. I'm pretty sure sluglie has nailed it for you.
  5. just a follow up:

    took the tank of and pulled the tap out, checked the breather and it wasnt blocked. upon taking the tap out i found out why the reserve never work so fixed that.

    found the problem was a vacuum hose from the carby the the fuel tap, had a crack in it so was sucking in air. replaced that hose and it was fine.

    thanks for the ideas.