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ZZR250 Stalling when put into 1st gear / Revs question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tyrelever, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    My zzr250 sometimes stalls when I put it in 1st gear.

    This only seems to happen when the bike is cold (with appropriate choke on) and only then, happens once.

    Every other gear change after that goes perfectly. Is this normal for a cold bike? Or am I missing something really obvious?

    Secondly - Does anyone know what the normal revs are for the zzr250 at 100kmph in 6th?

    Thanks guys,
  2. yeah it never used to like it on mine... wait til she's warm or give her a quick rev as you put it in.
  3. Happens on my bike (VN250) all the time as well.

    Try and warm it up as much as you can or hold the revs on a little as you put it into first to stop it from stalling. A big clunk and a jump forward but it wont do it again.

    Weird problem, i must ask the dealer about it next time im there.

  4. try holding the clutch in for about 30 seconds before clicking into first, sounds like a cold / sticking clutch.
  5. Check what it is revving at in N with choke ON. Make sure it is high enough to stop the stall when revs drop from engaging 1st.
  6. I used to get the same thing.
    It's related to the wet clutch concept and being cold.
    Let it warm up a little. Pull in the clutch lever a few times first.
    I could be dreaming but for mine it seemed worse if the bike was facing down a slope.
    I've increased the idle revs a little too.

    As for top gear, 100km/h, for mine thats about 8200rpm give or take.
  7. Hi,
    Just a few things i would check.
    1) side stand switch, make sure it bolted on properly, spay wd40 into switch.
    2) Clutch cable adjustment, on the handlebar and near the clutch, Check free play. Smooth action. Make sure the clutch is not still engaged when lever is in fully.
    3) If its not the top too, u might have a rooted clutch. Maybe the clutch is engaging even with the lever in. Maybe a spring has broken, rooted pressure plate, ground out pressure plate/hub, never ending list.

  8. Mine has done it from new so i doubt anything is broken / needs adjustment.

    I was also talking to another guy (member here but doesn't post) with the same bike as mine and his also does the same thing and has been from new as well.

    My guess is that its just a cold clutch thing like the others have said cos if you let it warm up for 5 mins it goes into gear smooth as.

  9. Thanks for all the feedback guys - very much appreciated

    Ok so I leave it to warm up for another few minutes or so and the problem goes away. So most likely a cold clutch/not enough revs.

    DKEL - Thanks for answering my question regrading the rev range :D Im getting around 8500 at 100k's. Looks like im not quite used to the noise of that amount of revs yet :p Least its normal then

    Cheers guys!
  10. On all bikes with wet clutches, pull in the clutch then give it two gentle revs. this frees the clutch plates up. It should then snick into gear easily
  11. Spot on. It's just the wet clutch with cold oil = stuck. In addition, it's a twin, so it's more prone to that sort of behaviour. You'll notice it gets worse as the weather gets colder.

    aviper4u has the right solution though. Hold the clutch in for a few seconds and rev the throttle a little - it'll loosen it up, and the bike shouldn't jump as much when you click it into gear.
  12. Perfect! No more stalling when its cold. Thanks heaps guys

    Very much appreciated.

    Dont forget to say hi if you end up riding past me sometime in the future

  13. Search Kawasaki klunk on the forums.

    Regards, Andrew.