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ZZR250 Speedo light

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by bullet21, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. what up ese's?

    my speedo light on the ZZR250 isnt working. I was just wondering how to check the globes/connections. Do i have to take the entire front fairings of or just the windshield and then dash. How do you access it?

  2. I have a globe out on my zzr as well. From my investigations you have to take the fairing off to access a couple of screws to get the dash out. This lead to me leaving the blown globe in for now until i have more reasons to take off the fairings and nose cover.
  3. Quick note: get your bulbs from Supercheap, you'll save about 50% of what a motorbike dealer will give you for an original part. Just make sure your volts and watts match up.

    Also, don't touch the new (or working) bulbs with bare skin. I had blown one and pulled out the working ones to check on them. A day or two later I had blown another two which was simply from touching them I believe. I've replaced them and am trouble free for months now. So use a layer or two of rag.

    Why is it I always learn things like this the hard way?!?!

  4. Had to replace some blown globes myself on my old zzr250. Just undo the screen, the black plastic dash surround and then the instrument cluster. You can then access the rear of the cluster without needing to disconnect any wiring or fairings.

  5. +1 and the service manula has in bold "Do not rest the cluster up side down" (or similar words as I'm at work) In other words when you remove it keep it up the right way or tilt a little only. It explains why and it makes sense :wink: