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zzr250 shit it's self at 70kph.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 4evafit, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. hey guyz. driving home from work today everything was cool and my bike was running smooth. suddenly the bike just starts jumping and carrying on until it turned off. i pulled over into a side street to see whats up. the bike looks alright but the **** wont start. the reds come on and the netrual light but when i press the start button nothing. i tryed like 30 times to jump start the son of a biatch but it wont start. now i got my bike parked in a unknown street and i need help. what can it possibly be? i played around with the spark plug to see if it will start but nothing.

  2. Is the engine kicking over? Have you tried the fuel on reserve? Did you accidentally hit the killswitch to off?
  3. So when you hit the starter button, the starter still turns over yeah?
    Tried switching res and different choke positions?

    I had my ZZR crap out of me last friday. Was all sweet until I filled up, then bam, it just refused to start, I sent the battery dead trying.

    I removed the fuel tank, drained it completely, pulled the filters out and cleared off a small amount of gunk, took the tap apart and made sure that was all clear, put it all back together, threw in different fuel and off it went again.

    When it died, was it surging? Like full power one second then nothing the next then some lurching you forward then just nothing leaving you on the side of the road? Or was there like an actual sound of the engine internals eating themselves?

    If it was just surging then came to a halt, im going to go with some sort of fuel issue, maybe a cloggage?

    You did try switching to reserve though?
  4. nah guyz the engine dosent turn over at all. i just filled up a full tank of fuel, i filled up v power. as i was riding, the bike lost acceleration then gained it again then lost it to the point were i though the accelerater cable snapped. then i heard a big back fire and the bike turned off leaving me rolling at 60k's. when i go to press the start button nothing happens the motor does not turn over at all.
  5. i towed my bike to a workshop near my house. cost me $110. the guy told me that he needs 2 days to check it out, but he thinks the motors blown. im so worried i just got this bike and its blown already? do u think his right? i wasn't even giving it at all.
  6. :shock:
    Damn, it don't look good so far.
    Good Luck
  7. It shouldn't be blown. Crap fuel I reckon.
  8. could be a head problem?
    Carby or ignition?
    Fuel or a blown engine, altho engines don't normally blow at 70kmh.... what km has the bike done?
  9. im thinking a ignition problem. the bike has only done 48,000kms. it was running very smoothly since i got it. how it shit it self i dont know.