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ZZR250 Query????

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by booga666, May 25, 2006.

  1. hey im going to look at a ZZR250 on the weekend to buy and was wondering wat i should look for ( i no shit all about bikes).
    Is there any problems with these bikes, just dnt wana get the bike only to have it shit itself in a week or 2!!!!
    any info would be appreciated!

  2. I would check the bottom end of the engine for any signs of oil leakage. Stick your hand into the faring from underneath and see if it has accumulated there.

    Check tyre wear, check chain for correct tension (2.5cm).
    Check to see if the sprockets are worn, check fluid levels to see if it has been maintained to a degree.

    If the bike looks rough, chances are it is.
    If it looks nice n pretty without looking like its just been in for a fresh coat of paint, it probably is. (note, just cos it looks good doesnt mean it is, but usually something that is looked after externally gets the same treatment mechanically.)

    Ask for service receipts, if un-available ask when the last service was and ask what they did.

    Are you riding the bike?
  3. generally good solid reliable fun zippy bikes. don't know of any specific defect that they're renowned for. it's why they're one of the top 2-3 most popular 250's around. have fun, c x
  4. Ask about the service books - good indicator if the bike has been cared for. how the bike is treated in the first few thousand k's can make a big diff to problems later on. My bike is in for its 12000 service today.
  5. So many are imports though or seen many owners so wont have books.
    Have to rely on asessing its condition.
  6. thanx guys its a 2000 model with 19,000 kays, it looks pretty neat and i will prob drive up and c it 2moz! just a good price as he had trouble selling it at a higher price!!!
  7. I started on one and did about 40,000km on it and never missed a beat. Not the flashiest handler (I rode one of my mates' VTR250 for a week)compared to some but it was cheap and reliable.
  8. I would still ask.
  9. he said it had slight pull forward wen the oil was cold coz of the wet clutch set up is this correct?
  10. i had one of these as my learner bike, couldnt recommend them enough. Sorry am unable to shed any light on whats wrong with them etc, no known probs to look out for that i'm aware of, just wanted to say that i enjoyed my expreience and never had any mechanical probs with it...
    good luck, hope it all works out for you...
  11. Good sound advice all round - I would only add to check pegs, ends of handle bars (U can generally tell this way if bike has been dropped)

    Also check the mm on the front disks / brakes. I was caught out and ended up costing me.

    Therefore make sure its roadworthy.

    At the end of the day, get it checked over from a mechanic to be 100%, if the guys fedinkum, he should take it for somewhere close by. Will only cost arounf $60 bucks and might save u a lot more in the end.

    Dat said, I look at a couple of these bikes when i was buying and at that age, there should be any real major problems.

    good luck and ride safely.

    P.S - WOULDNT SPEND MORE THAN $5500 on these things, not the greatest on resale or trade in

  12. Apoligies for my spelling and grammer - but u get my point.

    oh - and worth doing a security check through vic roads or whateva.

    dont want any nasty surprises.

  13. yeah mate he got $3500 on it as he said he had more but not even a call and he already got and paid for his new bike!!
  14. $3500 for a 2000 model ? There's either something wrong with it or he's not advertising it in the right places. I sold my 99 ZZR-250 with 21,000 K on it in February. I started it with $4750 on it and sold it for not a lot less than that to the first caller of about 20.

    #1 - when you first see it, look on the concrete underneath it for oil. If it's obviously sitting not where it normally does or is garaged, ask the seller to look at that spot as well (for oil)

    #2 - It's a 2000, but look at the compliance plate and see the year it was built. It might be a 2000 Complianced Bike, but in reality be much much older.

    #3 - Look in and under the fairings, particularly at the fairing mounts, for any cracks or original paintwork. If it's been repainted, sometimes you can see the original colour on the inside of the fairing.

    #4 - look at the end of each of the front brake and clutch levers. Scratches indicate a fall. Same with rear brake and gear levers

    #5 - check tyres for tread

    #6 - Ask for service history and receipts

    #7 - Ride it if possible. It should be smooth through the gear range, and be hitting it's sweet spot somewhere around 9,500 - 11,000 revs

    #8 - Don't rush in. There are always lots of 250's for sale, and seem to be a number of ZZR's always floating around as well. As the cold weather sets in, people tend to buy less, so the seller is hopefully more motivated. This can work in your advantage if you are shrewd enough. Be shrewd enough.

    All in all, the ZZR is a great 250
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  16. any mechanics in here? that live in syd?
  17. Yeah thats standard ZZR behaviour.
    The clutch grips when you first start it and will often go "thud" when you first put it in gear and want to jump forward. While in N with the clutch in give it a few revs before you kick into first and it will be minimised, it helps the plates seperate.
    You usually have to put it in N to roll it around when cold.

    There shouldnt be any drag after that, none at all once warm. If there is the clutch probably needs adjusting.

    And take some verniers to measure the front disk is above minimum size its $350 to replace.

    Also be carefull of old tyres, 80% tread is useless if they are old and dry (its done 20,000km in 5 years, so probably only had tyres changed once) 2 year old tyres go crappy. If you can see little cacks in the tyre its stuffed no matter how much tread they have. About $300 for new tyres.

    At 20,000km the chain is probably aproching its end, but only $150 for new chain and sprockets so not that big an issue.

    Request that he does not warm it up before you get there. Any issues show up better when cold. Start then stop it imediatly a few times to check the battery is good.

    If you can hear any creaking from the steering as you turn it slowly the bearing is stuffed, duno $150?

    Bounce the front suspension. Check there is resistance there and that it dosnt keep bouncing by itself at all, should settle striaght away.
    Then check there is no oil on the forks where they slide.
    Fork seals are gone if there is.
    If it keeps bouncing all the oil might have already leaked out, or other bad things.

    20,000 is major service time (I think), mostly just means valve clearances.
    Its about $300 I think, but have always just done it myself (takes about 4 hours), so factor that in as something you may have to do imediatly.

    $3500 is a good price if its in reasonable shape.
  18. My ZZR was a '95 with 35 ish k's on it, and mine sold for $3600, and as with Doonks I had quite a few calls...
  19. hey thanx jmuzz im going 2 look at it this afternoon and if its sweet its cumin home with me!!!! we will c wat hapens
  20. I can confirm Doonks Price point for sale...
    I bought it.