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zzr250 power problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by iamahot1, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Against my better judgement I filled my bike on sunday with shell optimax. I needed fuel and I was there. What can I say. I have heard that this is not good fuel for bikes. Anyway on and off since I have been losing complete power, more so at high speeds. No throttle. Bike stalls. Takes a good 2-5 minutes before it will go again, then goes well for a couple of minutes before doing the same thing. I called the bike mechanic and he said it was probably cos of the fuel and the plugs were probably black. Im taking it there next week to get it checked. He said dump the fuel which Im gonna do but has anyone else had this happen to them or could there be something else wrong?

  2. I have used a couple of tanks of optimax without any issue, though i have been warned and do my best to steer clear of it.

    Once you clear the tank put something good like BP or Mobil Premium through it, and see if it clears the issue
  3. Do yourself a favour and check the plugs yourself rather then getting a mechanic to do it. It's not a hard job but it could save you quite a bit of money due to the labour cost of re-moving the fairing, checking the plugs and putting the fairing back on.

    Do it yourself and if the blacks aren't black then go from there. If they are then you have the problem solved!
  4. Most complaints that I hear of against Optimax are (justifiably) from efi bike owners. I really can't imagine that a different type of fuel can upset your carbs that much.

    Dump the petrol (should be a crime at the current price!), check your plugs. Clean 'em, or get new ones.
  5. new fuel will clean up the plugs pretty quickly if that is what it is.

    It does sound pretty bad, just to be fuel, but I had a bike once that would do the same.

    You plugs may be a bit cold for this time of year and that may have compounded the problem.
  6. i doubt it's the fuel itself... unless your bike is tuned absurdley rich (very common for some reason) or something silly like that. or there was a lot of crap either in the fuel or in your tank that got kicked up.

    i'd be checking fuel filter, fuel lines, spark plugs etc.