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ZZR250 parts help!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Ushario, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Im set on buying a 98 ZZR250 with 40 thousand Ks on it, its going cheap due to minor cosmetic damage. scrapes on the bars and a couple of scratches on the exhaust along with a fairly hard worn windshield.

    There is no damage to the fairing, and I know the bikes history....2 minor stacks at under 20k/h.

    Im going to be replacing;
    -the grips on the bars
    -the bar ends if possible

    I cant seem to find anywhere that has prices for these, I just want to make sure I dont get ripped off when I end up down at the local kwaka dealer.

    Anyone know of pricing for these items?

    Final question, I don't like the headlight on these bikes, as they aren't bright enough I think. Is there any way that I can replace/fix up the light to make it nice and bright like the brand new bikes? Im pretty sure that just a new bulb won't do it...

  2. 100$ all up from a wrecker give or take a few bucks, prabaly less
  3. If the lights give off a yellowish glow instead of being bright white that is due to a wiring fault.

    Many J bikes of this era run the power for the lights through the handlebar switch, which results in less than 12v reaching the light socket. This results in dull lights.

    The best (and only real) cure is to use a relay to power the lights. The relay is installed at the front, fed by a new, fused power lead straight from the battery.

    It is best to use 2 of the smaller bosch style relays (about 20mm square) than the large, hi-lo beam jobbies that the car accessory places sell.

    Before you start, use a mutlimeter to measure the battery volage when the lights are on, then measure the voltage at the base of the socket which is "on". Any more than 0.5v difference will result in obvious dulling. You could have as little as 10.5v at the socket.

    When I relayed my Kwacka (not a 250) I used a 3rd relay for ignition "on" to make sure everything else got its full power. They just don't use good techniques on some bike wiring.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  4. Thanks Trevor, sounds like the way to go.

    Luckily I have all the tools I need for this, old mans a sparky :p
  5. check under the seat for the bike manuals and tool kit!