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ZZR250 now not starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bejazzeled, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone

    I'm new here, I just got my L's and got my first bike today. A ZZR250 2002. When I picked it up it started first time. When I went to the petrol station 1km from pick up to check tire pressure and petrol, it took a little while to start up again, maybe 5mins, figured I'd flooded it or something noobish. Now after riding home around 35-40kms it won't start. The battery seems fine the starter motor is going mental trying to kick it over and occasionally it will backfire. After almost running the battery dead I can hear that the starter motor has stopped working and the relays 'ticking' due to a lack of power. This is why I think the battery is fine but I'm could be/probably am wrong.

    I clutch started it a took it to a motorcycle mechanic, he told me it could be a myriad of different things but was hesitant to work on it as he couldn't guarantee that he could fix it. Told me it could be a spark plug issue, an engine compression issue (he mentioned this on the proviso that it can start cold but not hot, now it doesn't start at all) he did not mention the carby as a potential culprit. From what I've researched the carby COULD be the main culprit for this type of issue but I don't really know as I have very limited practical mechanical skill.

    So I thought I'd reach out to the netrider community to see if anyone has any ideas/opinions on what could be going wrong. Thanks for reading my post :)

  2. Is the choke on?
  3. is the choke off?
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  4. The mechanic is right. It could be a myriad of things and so you are going to have to work through a logical process to determine what is wrong.

    The very first thing I would do is get a battery charger as I suspect you will flatten your battery more than once trying to resolve this.

    You need three things for the bike to fire, spark, fuel and air. The easiest to check is spark, so check that first.

    Try cranking the engine a few times and then pull a spark plug and check what it looks like. Is it all sooted up? Is it wet? Then while you still have it out, make sure it is earthed by ensuring the bottom of the plug rests firmly on the motor, crank the engine and make sure you get a nice fat blue spark.

    Do that report back and we'll take it from there.
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  5. Thank you everyone for your replies.

    Update: I managed to get it started tonight after work when it had been parked for about 5 hours in the cold. I had the choke on, fuel tap set to PRI and it kicked over almost immediately. I turned to fuel tap to ON and left the choke half pulled for a minute or two.

    It was then I noticed something weird, the bike seemed to have more power then my previous rides and was revving at around 3K at idle. Every time I stopped at a traffic light on the way home it was sitting at 3K, is this normal? Because this seemed a little high and noisy to what I would expect, also probably why the bike felt more powerful I suppose.

    As soon as I got home I parked and hit the kill switch. Reset the kill switch and put in neutral and tried to fire it up again, sounded like it wanted to but just wouldn't catch. Almost a bubbly sound cracking from the exhaust, like tiny miniature backfires gurgling away. A little surprised it didn't start to be honest, it really wanted to.

    I will be taking your advice GreyBM and putting some time in tomorrow during the day to check the spark quality and the condition of the spark plugs. Off to a wiki I go to find out how to pull a zzr's spark plug out.

    Note: I don't think a battery charger is necessary as I live conveniently next to a small hill where it is easy to clutch start and the alt seems to charge the battery well.
  6. for hot starting, when it is nearly catching, does a little throttle make it better or worse? half choke make it better or worse?

    3K is a bit high, you can adjust idle speed from the knob near your left foot (above front sprocket cover). 12-1500 is ok.
    (fwiw when I have choke on, my revs go to 3K.. below about 2500, it falls off the choke when cold)

    how many k's does the bike have?
    if the valves have not been adjusted for a while, is possible they could be being held open slightly

    edit, the GPX250 manual or the ZZR250 supplement will show you how to get to plugs
    can get GPX manual (th emain one) from 2fiftycc.com
  7. Would still get the battery charger, Part of diagnosing will be seeing what happens as you turn it over,
  8. I just took out the right spark plug, can't get to the left one with the tool I bought. I'll need to get the other replaced by a mechanic.

    The one I did remove was black all down the thread and tip with an abrasive build up of some kind. I replaced it with a new one but bike won't kick over, maybe because I was trying to before the change and the battery is weak.

    Thanks for the tip about idle adjustment, got it to idle at 1500 now.

    And to answer a few questions, throttle makes it better, half throttle is as good as no throttle and I have no idea of the kms on the bike as the clock is jammed in the 60's.

    Thanks everyone for your help :)
  9. Soot on the plugs sounds like running rich. Preferring to start with some throttle could also be consistent with this. Maybe try starting with some throttle and no choke.

    If you run the battery flat too many times you will destroy it. More so if it is old and given you probably don't know when it was replaced last, I would assume it is. Hence get a battery charger, charge it fully before trying to start and if you have to crank for a while without starting charge it again at the finish. A fully charged battery is a happy battery.
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  10. can get a good Ctek charger (0.8) off ebay for about $60 of ebay
    even if battery is old, is worth giving it a good full charge.

    a little rich could be many things, but first check would be if choke cable is adjusted incorrectly, and effectively still on..
    or slides gummed up and not going all the way down, float levels etc etc..

    if the motor is getting on in years, it could be down a bit on compression also, and that could be exacerbated by bad valve clearances etc.
    but start with simple things first :) good charge, new plugs, good fuel etc

    did you fill up with new fuel? if not, how long has fuel been sitting in tank?
  11. Turn it off and on with the key. Corroded kill switch contacts just add another layer of uncertainty so just leave it set to on. It's an emergency device and not a useful substitute for the key in your case.
  12. It's pretty clear this is beyond your mechanical ability. Take it to a mechanic
  13. Hi everyone and thanks for the advice. I bought a battery charger at repco for $60 odd, though I'm not sure I'll be needing it anytime soon as it appears I've fixed the bike.

    I've got both plugs changed now and the bike is running a lot smoother. Kicks over first time every time, hot or cold, no throttle needed just full choke when cold, no choke when hot.

    So again thanks for your helpful tips that got my bike back into working order :)
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  14. Excellent.
  15. Well he proved you fcuking wrong.
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  16. It is good to see persistence paid off. It is a good start to looking after your bike and saving money.
  17. Sheer poetry
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  18. how bad were the plugs? pics?
  19. Yes. Congratulations new guy.
  20. Here are the pics

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