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zzr250 not firing... pls help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by BalmyBrowny, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. as i've already posted... cleaned carbies out last night and put them back in.... also changed spark plugs while i was there... forgot to put fuel in floats so just set switch to prime for while to get some fuel in there... the bike turns over easily enough but not firing... was thinking flooded at first... but now not sure at all... just took off tank to re-check all my cables... onlyone i can see not adjusted properly is idle screw that sitss underneath fuel switch.. i figured i would do that once bike started....

    pls help

  2. spray "start ya bugger" striaght into the cylinders

    Can u smell fuel coming from the exhust when u try to start it
    If you have cleaned the carbs it will take a while for everything to come thrue give it a lap around the block with the clutch half in

    U said u changed ur plugs (did u check if they were firing)
    Pull out the leads, plug in the spark hold it againts the motor/frame try to start it and check for spark

    Have u played with the clearances, get a guage and make sure they are within reson.
  3. hey zbike.... thanks for the reply... got it sorted... was the fact that the carbies themselves wern't sitting in the tubes... they were.. but not properly so just popped out when i tried to start it...
    got it started... but now its all over the shop... got full rev range... just takes a long time to get there.... and idle and throttle feel are all wonky... up and down... and sounds really low... as in the note its giving out....
  4. oh yeah... which clearances??? i didn't play with anything that i know of... might be able to borrow or buy some gauges....
  5. Posted in ur other thread

    dont worry about the clearances unless u fiddled withe the top end
    (incase u want to know u can take of the rocker cover and do it with a 20 tool and a screw driver and some pliers) check the articles section for a guide
  6. I've removed the other tread as there is no need to have two running on the same subject. :roll:

    May I ask why you removed the carbies in the 1st place ?
  7. thanks vtrbob :) was noaughty of me to do that. was frustrated.

    i ran out of fuel on highway on way back from camping over easter. noticed bike losing power and pulled over to switch to reserve. started off again and bike was still under powered. was worried so pulled over agin and rang a bike friend at campsite. he said sometimes when run out of fuel like that you suck crap into carbies and empty them out.
  8. sorry. thought brother turned up to go to chili peppers concert he he. got more time now.

    so i limped to next fuel staion (about 3k) just before i got there the bike came back to life as if nothing had happened. so i fueled up, and rode the next 2 hours home. no probs. went to jump on bike day and half later, and was back to lethargic and no power like ti has run out of petrol. rang around asking mechanics and they said from what i described sounds like carbs need to be cleaned. so i booked in but being easter eariest is next monday :( and thats ringing 6 different guys. but a friend of gf's said carbs isn't too hard a job. couple of hours. i have a manual here on computer and a how to from another site i found http://www.dansmc.com/carbs.htm and went about it last night. started bike today and no difference :( and i even changed plugs and have oil and coolant ready to do as well. was gonna do a nice once over for my girl. but now she hates me :( :p
  9. Was there any visable crap in the float bowls when you took em off ?
  10. nope... everything still looked nice and shiny where its supposed to :(
  11. Well my bet would be that there was nothing wrong with the carbie's at all and you just got a couple of crap lots of fuel or maybe even a little water ?

    Never believe anyone that carbie's are an easy job, there are alot of little bits inside that can fall out, go back in the wrong way. Not to mention if you pull em down to far you can upset the syncrinisation.
    If its a carbie i've never done before i'll go as far as counting the turns of the air / mixture screws etc as I remove them, so I have a reasonable place to start when retuning at the end.

    Now your in all sorts of bother, 1st up I would be loosening the airbox and getting your carbies to seat properly. then if it still wont run properly either go back and start from scratch again or take it to a bike shop.
  12. yeah is what i was thinking with the carbs. looked too good to be the problem :( is booked into bike shop on monday. they are also gonna do clearances for me as i know they need doing. and i'm a litle scared to even try them after not bein able to fix the bike this time. oh well. more money. but will at least find out for sure what problem was so i know for next time :D