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ZZR250 No Spark

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Neo_nick, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys & Gals,
    I ahve a zzr250 which was sitting around and i purchased another engine and installed it last week.
    Bike is reassembled and is cranking over but i am not getting any spark.
    I have tried another coil, another igniter and still cranks but no spark.
    Sidestand switch has conenctivity and the clutch switch seems to work as it cranks over when clutch is pulled in and in gear and when i release clutch it wont crank.

    Any Ideas for me to investigate?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Possibly investigate the kill switch wiring, and earths.

    I don't think it could be anything too serious but it might take a while to find.
  3. Thats the most annoying/troublesome type of problem IMO.
  4. i think th ekill switch is working as when i turn it to off position it wont turn over

    Problem is no spark = i thought thing slike the clutch switch, side stand switch would not allow it to turn over. Where it turns over but wont light up a plug!
    Any more suggestiuons?
  5. It should still turn over with the kill switch in the 'off' position, just no spark.

    So it seems that there is something strange up with your setup, take a look ata wiring diagram.
  6. My ZZR250 definitely will not turn over with the kill switch in off position. Cant help much with the diagnosis except to say focus on what in the electrics changed since you swapped engine (if it ran before).
  7. 1+ no turn over with cut off switch off.
  8. First check the coil has + with the ignition on, if it doesnt trace the wiring back and find out where the break is.
    If it has + you will need to find where it gets its - trigger from and work out whats going wrong.
    At least by doing this you will end up looking in the right place
  9. Thanks grim 32 - ill try and see if the coils have voltage going to it - i thought they only had voltage going to it when the igniter gave it voltage!
  10. Um im not sure now, i was just going by how cars work. My across is apart at the moment for paint, i know it isnt the same as your bike but i will run a few coil tests to get a rough idea of whats going on. BRB.
  11. Mine is how i described it in my first post. The coils have 14v+ with ignition on and are triggered to spark with a - pulse. I didnt go along the line to find the trigger or ignition module as they are more than likely totally different. Anyway i hope that can be of some help. Post up when you find it to let us know what it was.
  12. have you check the fuel switch? bike wont run without fuel failing that change the leads
  13. If all else checks out, maybe swap the CDI for a different one.

    Did you use the CDI from the old engine or a diffeent one?
  14. Slap a lead on the + of ya battery and drag it down to the neg on ya coils and hit the starter, , Should fire. It aint ya switches, sidestand or otherwise they are all working correctly. if that dont help it, still got the cdi out of the other bike/engine ?. P.S maybe toss in a hew set of plugs for the hell of it.
  15. Sorry i don't have any input, but I was just wondering about purchasing another engine, what are they worth, and was it reconditioned?
  16. Ive been having a very similar prob.
    Getting my old zzr ready for my house mate.

    Ok - mine started with a fried ignition loom.
    Replaced - still no spark.
    New CDI - still no spark.
    New wiring loom - still no spark.

    However we think we may have nabbed it, just waiting for a part.

    Turns out in 96-ish some subtle changes were made to the ignition system. The designation is H1-H4 are the same, and H5-H7 are the same.

    Differences seem to be this: CDI is different. Wiring layout of the ignition loom is different. We got the wrong ignition loom to begin with. The most obvious difference is the early ones have a yellow wire coming out of the ignition, the later have a grey wire (and a diode in the back).
    Do you have a yellow leading into a grey or vice-versa?
  17. yeah - managed to solve the problem - Later model CDI was sold to me!

    Correct cdi fitted and she is away!