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ZZR250- mechanical issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kharnage, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. I recently bought a zzr250 and seem to be having a few mechanical issues, does anyone have a copy of the owners manual or can I get a few pointers.

    Problem 1: Sometimes the bike will not engage first gear. This has left me stuck at lights on a few occassions trying to kick the thing into gear. (the oil level is fine)

    Problem 2: Bike is stalling at lights in neutral - seems to idle very low then just dies, have to run the choke to keep it going. Choke also only seems to work when on full (this revs bike at 5500rpm, is this the norm?).

    Any tips most welcome.

  2. G'day mate, pop on over to the Welcome Lounge and introduce yourself!!

    Re (1): I've had this problem before when I have come to a stop at the lights while still in third gear or above. The simple solution is to make sure you shift down to first before you come to a stop. With some practice, it becomes second nature. Remember to let the clutch out slowly as you shift to first.

    If for some reason you stop at the lights while in third gear or above, shift down as far as you can, then let the clutch out to friction point and allow the bike to move forward a few inches (allowing the new gear to engage), then pull the clutch in and you should be able to shift to first.

    Re (2): The ZZR is a very cold blooded beast. You will need to use choke until the bike has warmed up enough, which can take anywhere between a couple of minutes to five minutes depending on the time of year. The manual says to adjust the choke so the bike revs at 2500 rpm, personally I prefer 3000 rpm and definitely no more than 3500 rpm. You have to adjust the choke lever by the millimetre, it's a precise operation.

    Also, next time you go for a ride, adjust the idle at the end of the ride. It should idle at 1250 rpm, although I let it go as low as 1000 rpm since I spent a lot of time cooking the poor thing in peak hour Melbourne traffic.

    As far as the manual is concerned, never bought one, try this site instead:


    Happy motorcycling!
  3. There is a idle speed screw down the left side near your shin. You can adjust it even with gloves on (It's a pretty big adjuster screw!) Aim for a 1400rpm idle speed as a happy medium for those times when it sits a little higher or lower depending upon engine temp.

    The choke will start the bike perfectly when on full from cold, once it does and it revs up (to 5,500rpm as you say), just push the choke slightly until the revs drop under 3,000rpm. I then strap up my helmet, put my gloves on, get on and lower the revs to about 2,000rpm and ride off from there, pushing the choke off after a minute or so. (y)
  4. cheers for the advice guys.. she's running sweet now.