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ZZR250 - Loss of power, tightned loooooose chain; incorrect?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Wulfr, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. Heyyy all,

    How's you all been?
    Me, not tooooo bad.

    So, all was going fine today with my bike. I rode upto Pakenham from Narre Warren all all was fine.

    I then stopped by at a mates house, after a few hours I started to head home. Upon riding home, I noticed I was loosing power around the 7K Rev mark, and would be in 5th gear by the time I was able to get to 60/70kmph.

    I stopped by Autobarn in Pakenham, or whatever the car/bike place is, told the boys what was happning, and they suggested topup oil?

    So, I topped it up, was basically full, anyhow, I ride home at 60kmph, and notice my chain is extreemly loooooose. I get home, pull the wheel out, not to tight, not too loose, thinking this may have been the problem; loose chain, loss of torque/speed?

    the chain is deffently tighter, but I'm not sure if it's still too loose...

    Anyhow, I go for a quick ride once again, and notice no real difference in the pickup speed of the bike,or the complete loss of power at 7k, once again, thus, shifting up....

    Any suggestions or reccomendations you guy's can make?

    Mpluso =0)
  2. Yep, take your bike to a proper Mechanic, not a car part shop.
  3. Loss of power on a ZZR? I didn't think they had any power to LOSE!!!!

    Seriously, take it to a mech and get it looked at. Worth the money.
  4. +1

    'top up the oil', freaking idiots. Did it need topping up, did you check the oil level?! Get the bike up to operating temp, stop and put it on the centrestand, wait two minutes (to allow oil to settle) then check the oil level. Should be between the two markers. If its much over the top line you'll want to remove some.

    As for the actual problem.. carbs gunked? (if you very recently ran it to near completely empty it can explain why it suddenly occurs). Chain should be ~35mm movement (up + down) at the tightest spot, but wont produce the issues you're talking about.
  5. The only way the chain would affect the torque is if it is slipping on the sprocket, and you would definately notice that. Adjusting the chain tension is generally just to increase the lifespan of the chain and sprockets.

    No idea about the loss of power. Bad fuel? Plugs? Air filter?
  6. Air lock? not getting enough fuel, ive had that issue when the temp changes on my old GPX a couple times, next time stry open the fuel tank and see how you go...

    Or could be crappy fuel maybe even a little bit of water, how old is the bike the carbies might of had a bit of crud in them that is causing a bit of a block.

    Maybe there are some gremlins living in the engine screwing with you every so often just for a laugh, id recommend tapping the engine block with a rubber mallet every so often just to get the wind up them, maybe they will move out and find another home.
  7. a loose chain will cause a lag in power not loss in power
  8. me thinks not firing on one cylinder??

    OP, when in neutral, and you grab a handful of throttle, does it rev up just as fast as it usually does??
  9. :roll:
    +1 to what others have said .. take it to a bike mechanic.
    Mucking about with things you know nothing about, on the advice of those who know even less is a recepie for disaster
  10. doubt its a piston not firing... its a 2 cyclinder, if one goes its gona be trouble idling it