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zzr250 indicators

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Mormegil, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Hi all.

    Is there any reason why Australian zzr250's have the rear indicators on stalks?

    If there is no good reason then has anyone swapped back to the old position (next to the tail light).

    I was just poking around with mine and thinking how much better it would look with the integrated indicators.
  2. Looks cooler? no. Easier to be seen?.. maybe...

    Kawa hasn't changed the zzr engine at all for a long time, maybe a while back they put the rear indicators on stalks to pretend like it was still evolving? :LOL:
  3. My wife actually has a ZZR250 with the indictors you describe, I have spoken to a mechanic about it from my understanding the Australian design rules were that the indicators had to be a certain distance apart but I understand it has changed slightly and is now legal to convert the indicators back, the mechanic I was talking to has done heaps and says its really easy to do and Im going to do my wifes when I get time, You might want to look into it a bit more re the legal side just to be sure.
  4. Yep the rules changed - to get conformance they had to add the stalks. KevS info may be correct, i don't know what the penalty, if any, is for changing them back, anyway. Not sure if any of the authotrities would care, Roadworthy and insurance claims would be your only risk.They don't bother me enough to change and they are more obvious on the stalks, so mine will stay.
  5. All the right things have been said about ADR and so on. You can get the ones that fit in the tail, but as said when it comes to RWC you will have to change back. I looked in to it when i had mine, in the end i just decided it isnt worth it.
  6. I had a 2000 ZZR250, I converted to the body moulding indicators - makes such a difference to the rear end look of the bike, so much cleaner and smoother.
    I just removed the stalk indicators, made my own wiring that attached to the indicators wires, and own globe holders, fitted them in there. Removed the indicator covers that were painted in the bikes colour, sanded with 2,000 grade for ages as I didn't want to scratch them or make them no longer transparent. Then buffed them and all done.
  7. Pretty sure it still aint legal. I have a set of the ones that go in the rear fairings for a zzr in the shed from where I got em I dunno. So if ya lookin for em or wanna try em, give me a yell. Like i said before legal ? dont think so.
  8. as long as they are 140mm center to center there shouldnt be any problem. If the police man or woman has a problem go and pay $55 fora road worthy and take them to court to recover you lost wages +rwc + court costs.
  9. Very pretty.

    But I just went for a ride and I'm losing power below 4000rpm so I suspect a real mechanical problem has just arrived :(
  10. Sorry to drag up a thread!
    i had the body mounted indicators on mine when i bought it and it passed rwc.. however i let rego lapse and just got a rwc but had to put the stalks back on.
    As said it will only be a problem at rwc. The panels that are there are generally just body colour painted lenses. So a quick strip back and you will have your indicators!
  11. im going to do this to my ZZR,

    does anyone have the indicators? Im willing to buy a pair to insert into mine and remove the stalks,

    or if anyone knows of purchase places, let me know,

    cheers Ben
  12. I just took these photos before, you can see how like someone said above they have just painted the indicator.

    Im planning to sand them back to remove the paint,

  13. I would say that Sumoto will have the lenses in stock from one of their many wrecked imports. Then you could keep your originals.
  14. Vic Motorcycle wreckers in hedidelberg heights will have them
  15. I Bought mine from brisbane bike wreckers, spliced on the old bullet connectors from the original stalks on the bike and voila!

    I have a pic here: http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/965393/

    Photo is quite crappy, night time shot in my garage.
    BTW twr7cx Beautiful bike, I want my bike to look like that when i get it sprayed :D
  16. Sorry to revive such an old thread, but I've been searching for awhile and all I find is old threads.

    What bulb holders do you use to attach to the integrated indicators?
  17. couldnt edit original post

    but for anyone interested I grabbed some indicators out of the taillights of a 2004 Mazda6
  18. are these the same as what is on the ZZr600? are the lens' the exact same size and a straight swap? Only ask as am looking to replace with some 'smoke' ones.