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ZZR250 idle problem....now worse!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by djdx2, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Well..... just to start off, my name is Daniel, new rider, first thread. Just bought my bike about 1 month ago. Kawasaki ZZR250 1995 model.

    When i bought the bike.....3k....it was beautiful! Top paint job, engine sounding sweet, rides like a dream! (i didn't get it checked by a mechanic)

    Ive done approx 360K's on the bike so far.
    I thought i should take the bike for a major service, jus incase as i don't know when the bike had its last! Plus i noticed in the last 1-2 days of riding the idle speed was just below 1 (its normally just below 2), which made it hard to start @ mornings and seems slower at takeoff!

    So i booked and took it into "Sydney City Motorcycles" in Kogarah. (I live in Bankstown, this place seems to be the best for my location, from reviews i have read, any other good places?)

    I get a phone call today from the head mechanic..........
    the low idling is due to a low compression reading...ARK!! that dosn't sound good at all
    He also said that the engine might need to be re-conditioned to get the compression back up to normal....
    He will ring me back in the morning with FULL diagnostic and quote

    Now im no expert..........but dosn't a re-condition mean new pistons and all internals???

    Does anyone know the cost? (Bike has done about 38,000ks)
    Could i have bought a lemon??
    Is there a way to hide this problem for 360ks??

    OR, am i just over-reacting and it might jus be a leak in the head gasket and thats the cause of loosing compression??

    Please correct me if im wrong anywhere!!
  2. Sorry djdx2, I haven't got any advice for you. I'm pretty new to bikes myself. Best of luck though, hope you didn't get a lemon :grin:
  3. Hi djdx2, If you dont mind post up what the head mechanic says in the morning,Im just interested in the diagnosis
  4. Low compression could be from worn or broken rings, a blow head gasket, a burnt valve seat or even a hole in a piston.

    Make sure you get the actual compression readings before you get him to process. Check them against what is normal for the engine (find a workshop manual or someone who knows).

    Something doesn't ring true here, however. Did you notice a drop in performance? Is it ridable? I would imagine a 250 twin would be all but unridable if one of the pistons had lost significant compression.

    If I were looking for the problem, I would be looking at the carbies. Still it may be compression.

    "sydney city" have an outlet at Casula and Red baron and Atkens are also at liverpool. I've only used some of them for tyres, so I can't comment on their ability with bikes.
  5. like ibast said get the compression readings first before you get him to do anything. Was having a similar problem and I was told all these things was wrong with it including bad compression etc.

    Got the carbies cleaned and tuned, changed the spark plugs and never had a problem again.


    well.....the guy was "supposed" to ring me back this morning regarding a quote and the full story, but he didn't! (not happy jan)

    So i rang them up myself in the arvo, couldn't get thru to the head guy cuz he was "swamped" and was told he'll ring me back before they close with everything....NO CALL

    this is my first dealing with "Sydney City Motorcycles" and its not looking too crash hot, but being busy i can understand working in retail myself.
    So i just have to wait till monday....

    When he did first tell me about the problem, he did tell me the compression readings which was lower than it should be, and also about a leak (couldn't quite remember exactly) , but as soon as i talk to him ill find out everything EXACTLY......

    I just hope i don't have to fork out $1500 for a massive engine re-cond or sumthing like that.....not happy
  7. Verdict!


    Well, its Monday and as aspected, Alan from Sydney City Motorcycles gave me a call back with the full story.
    Very nice bloke, told me the full story, wrote down as much as could as quickly as i could.
    Mind you i was taking notes a quick as a could, so details can be a lil sketchy to the expericed guys here.

    Problem =
    Dirt forced into the engine. Carbi's not in properly. Not clamped properly to aircleaner. Previous owner not getting it serviced properly, clearences not done on tappers.
    1 cylinder leaking, low compression in both. 90 psi and 40 psi in the other. Compression should be aroudn 90%, currently 75% and 37%.

    From =
    Servicing not done properly, valves worn out completely which caused the power drop.

    After Effect =
    Pistons and balls ok. Everything else basically needs to be replaced!
    Seals, exhaust values, piston rings, gaskets, filters, oil, aroudn 5 hrs labour, timing chain, cams & runners. And anything else which gets replaced in a major service (chain, sproket etc..)

    Cost =
    Well, few weeks wait to get the parts and a few parts machined.
    $1585 , for full engine condition and major service


    For all those out there about to buy a bike, FFS get in inspected before you buy!!
  8. surprised me too, but they're actually not too bad... just lose a lot of top end according to a mates experience.

    and to the OP, you could look around, i have perfect condition motor in a written off bike. (but i'm in melb and my bike hasn't been seen by insurance company(ies) yet but i'm sure i'm not the only one)
  9. Re: Verdict!

    Actually sounds pretty cheap. I was thinking you'd be up for closer to $3000.

    So on the upside, you will have a pretty fresh motor when it's finished, that you won't need to go near it, for as long as you have it.
  10. Re: Verdict!

    Are you handy working on your own bike? For $1585 you can buy a reco'd engine on a swap over arrangement for ~$700-800 and drop that in yourself. It's easier to do that you'd imagine, just need a decent tool set and a garage for the weekend. Once your finished you'll know the bike inside out (literally) and you'll have a good idea of the general condition of the rest of the bike.
  11. yahyah

    Honestly koma, no im not that comfortable with the bike yet.

    Wouldn't be confident gettin a swap over engine, altho many people have brought up the idea! Which i also think was a good idea, but i don't know all that about bikes as yet, its only been a month basically.

    Yes......thats rite ibast, i will have a fresh motor in full working condition so that i am looking forward 2 (despite my wallet being empty).

    Can't wait to get back on the damm thing!! Looking forward to it VERY MUCH!!
  12. Commiserations mate, Its good to see you just didnt pass it over to the next poor sap along the line. not much to say really, A 2nd hand engine coulda been done, Im surprised the shop didnt suggest it actually. But I guess ur money is as good as the next blokes.
  13. Hi DJDX - i didnt know much about bikes also - But i bought the workshop manual from kawasaki and it was the best $50 i have spent.
    I did an engine change myself on my zzr and it was quite easy 0 had it out in a couple of hours for a first timer!
    And as said understand the bike alot more and got to replace a few things that looked a bit suss along the way.
    Sorry to hear about your run in with the engine and hope the new one works well for you!