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ZZR250 home mechanics

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by CharlieBrown, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. I'm not to sure how far I'll be taking this job, but it has been inspired by the fact that the bike wont slip into second gear. Note that the last person who rode it dropped it a couple of times after releaving me of its presence.

    Since I've NEVER pulled a car or bike apart before beyond changing the oil filter (besides my remote control car as a kid), I thought I may post my progress to make sure I'm not f@#%ing things up!

    My goal now is to remove the engine and poke around to get a good idea of whats going on, but I've been thwarted by the back wheel... I'm sure I'll get it off in due time. Tell the truth when I started I had no idea that removing the back wheel would come into it.

    Also kinda curious if anybody knows the best ways to be desposing of coolant and old oil. Right now It's just siting in my garage in old ice cream containers :roll:.
  2. G'day mate,

    The ZZR 250 workshop manual would be invaluable if you wanted to some of the poking around you mentioned. If you look hard enough then you should be able to find a copy somewhere on the net (free). Let me know how you go.

  3. I've already got my hands on a 86-87 Ninja250R, GPZ250R service manual. Mines a 1990 model, I'd be lost without it. So far it seems to be exactly the same as what I've got.

    Still having trouble with this back wheel though, the manual mentions loosening a torque link nut which I can't locate. Picture in the manual is pretty shite. I'm sure its just the first of many hurdles to come!

    Any advise on special tools to purchase, I'm off to get a torque wrench and some calipers. So far I'm just working with a socket wrench, a range of spanners 10 - 15 mm, allen keys and phillips and flat head screw drivers.
  4. yeah as far a tools go if your on a budget just buy things as you need them.

    I learnt the hard way that buying cheap tools is a no-no as they often fail an can damage parts of your bike which are expensive/difficult to replace. AND THIS SUCKS :(

    Buy the absolute best tools your budget will allow. and don't forget, 'the poor man pays twice'

  5. zzr 250

    Hi there, not trying to spoil your bike exploration,but if u can,t get the back wheel out u probably shouldn,t go playing around with the motor.
    Have u tried getting the bike into 2nd gear with the motor running,on the centre stand?.
    Most Kawasaki's,have a "shift detent' mechanism ,which only allows the gearbox to shift into second gear if the the counter shaft/secondry shaft is turning(like when u ride ur bike).
    Or possibly ur gear lever is hitting on something when u try to change gear in an upwards direction?
    Cheers :)
  6. Hey thanks for the concern, I just didn't have a spanner big enough to get it off! Never did find that torque link though, thinking its just something in the manual that isn't on my bike. Just got a bit of money in so am hoping to get enough for the parts I need so I can get her running again.

    Didn't try and get the bike into second with the motor running, but id say thats the reason why its not slipping into second, nothing is jamming the lever. A mate told me that there is a security feature on the bike that prevents the bike switching to second without the correct key, I dont know if thats right though cause when taking out the ignition its just a plastic x thats connected to the bottom of the switch.