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zzr250 high pitched electronic whine

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Vivendus, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Gday, my brother recently bought himself a brand new 06 ZZR250, and whenever he stops the bike there is a high pitched whine coming from somewhere underneath the fuel tank.

    I thought it may be some sort of electrical charge (like a capacitor whine) from near the battery, but we really have no idea.

    Its quite noticable when you stop the bike, and slowly fades after about 30 secs.

    Any ideas?

    Also, ive read a few posts regarding the ZZRs 'clunk' into first gear from neutral. Is this common for a brand new bike? So far people recommended holding the clutch in for a minute before engaging gears and using full-synth oil, anything else you can do as the jolt is really quite big.


  2. Not to sure what you mean by whine , but the fan can be quite loud and fades . Is it the fan do you think ?

    As far as the clunk goes , this only happens to my 05 if I engage 1st before the bike has warmed up when first starting it . If I move to first when its cold it will not only clunk but lurch and shutdown. No problems if I let the bike warm up when first starting it.
  3. Kwaka Clunk is standard equipment for ZZR and GPX. I found a couple of pumps at the clutch as the GPX warmed up helped, best was to be rolling a little (driveway sloped downhill) while selecting first. Once that first trip of the day was done no probs.

    The whine may be the fuel tank equalising pressure. Try popping the filler cap while it's making the noise, if noise stops there's your problem. It will probably be worse with a full tank if thats the problem at worst tank breather may be blocked or kinked.
  4. i second its likely the fuel tank whine releasing pressure.

    as for the clunk just hold it in a while (15 - 30 secs) in neutral and gently click it down, dont stomp it. if i do this i never get a big clunk noise.
  5. I third the tank.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. lol, I would say that it is the fan. Mine squeals like a scun cat in a bag of salt when I turn the bike off.

    And yes the Kwaka will clunk into first. The best way to prevent it is to buy a Honda and ride that. :grin:

    I think there is no real point using a full synth in a ZZR, but thats your choice.

    Doesn't sound like anything to worry about. ;)
  7. Kwaka zzr250 klunks are normal for first gear.
  8. Sure the whine is not the cooling fan. Mine sometimes stays on for a few seconds after I turn the ignition off.
  9. The key here is slowly fades over 30 seconds. It's classic fuel tank vent. My GTR does it.
    As soon as the engine is turned off, vacuum petcock closes, fuel heats/gives off vapours, and now the pressure has nowhere to go (remember, petcock is now closed) except for out the pressure vent.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. +5 for Fuel tank equalising pressure...

    Mine does it. Pop the filler cap Im sure you find it will immidieatly stop.

    From what Ive asked and read. The clunk is fairly normal with the wet clutch setup, especially when cold.

  11. i had a zzr250 a while ago and the whine (i found) was indeed from the fuel tank. it bugged the hell outta me for a few days before i found out. it's the gas escaping from your filler cap.

    the clunk from was i've also read is fairly normal as on a wet-clutch, the plates are pushed together (no oil between) when you are in neutral with the clutch out. so when you pull it in, there is not enough oil on the clutch plates to make it smooth and thus the clunk.


    i could just be full of crap; it's late...