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ZZR250 help required

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Digger, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Hey guys i am hoping someone here can help me out with what on the surface looks like a fairly simple problem.

    I started up my 1994 ZZR250 today and it was running really rough and wouldnt idle at all. So i went to adjust the idle speed with the screw located on the left side of the bike near the fuel tap and the screw (and cable that joins it) was entirely undone, and it came right out.

    Now i need help putting it back in. :(

    Is anyone able to give me instructions or send me in the right direction to try and fix it. Im not exactly the worlds greatest mechanic but im willing to have a go at this. If i cant fix it then im sure ill be back here asking if anyone knows of a good mechanic in the western suburbs of Melbourne (i just moved here from NSW).

    Thanks to anyone that might be able to help.
  2. i have the manuals for the zzr - but i'm not any sort of mechanic. Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie may be able to help. i had a look at the manuals but there is more than one cable in that area (choke and throttle). where in west are you?
  3. Im in Caroline Springs (out towards Melton).

    Ive taken the fairing and fuel tank off to see if i can get a look at where it came from (im guessing it goes into the carbies somewhere) but i dont see how it would be accessable without having to pull all kinds of stuff off the bike.

    It looks like im going to be needing that mechanic :(
  4. sorry Digger - i have been off the air - server upgrade at work - let me know if you haven't gotten anywhere.
  5. I'll be at work all weekend so i wont get a chance to look at it until probably Monday.

    Can you give me some sort of an idea at to where it should go, and how i go about accessing it. I just dont see any way that i will be able to do it without pulling half of the bike appart, which i certainly dont have the confidence in doing.
  6. I don't know which cable it is - the manuals are visual When do you start work.
  7. I am a cook and work lunch and dinner split shifts so ill be heading back to work shortly.

    Do you think it would be worth picking up a manual? I am planning on trading in the bike in the next couple of months for a CBR600RR.
  8. Your call - the manuals are around $70 for both - you have to buy the base plus supplement. I guess you sell them with the bike but not sure how much value you get back. i will check this thread in morning - if you want to PM a contact number i will either see if we can cross over tomorrow or i may be able to email the relevant pages on monday, from work. Sorry can't be of more help.
  9. Having worked on these bikes b4 the access is very limited to the carbs... and getting the idle speed screw back in will be.... "fun"

    Look for the throttle cables.. see the round thing they attach to?? the idle aduster screws into a part on which the round thing stops against.

    hope this helps...
  10. Ok, i have definitely seen where the throttle cable attaches so ill make sure to check that out when i get a chance.
  11. Thanks a lot guys. With the pics Mithel sent me and the description from lordtb i was able to reconnect the idle screw.

    However now the bike refuses to start at all. I have a feeling it is because i disconnected one of the fuel lines so that i could move the fuel tank. I reconnected the line before trying to start the bike but it just keeps turning over and not starting.

    Normally the bike starts first go without any problems.
  12. One of the problems you can run into with our bikes is pinching either the fuel or vacuum hoses when you put the tank back on - try swiching the tank to prime (half way between the stops) this bypasses the vacuum. if that doesn't work then try undoing the tank again (don't lift it) and use a torch andf a little bit of lift to see if there are any twists.
  13. Ive checked all the hoses, none of them are twisted or pinched. Ive also tried starting it with the fuel tap set to all 3 different positions (and checked that there is fuel in the tank).

    Any other ideas?

    By the way, the bike was actually starting fine before the idle screw cable fell out, it just would not idle for some reason (never had a problem with it before that day though).
  14. I don't have any other ideas. I can only think that it is either a piece missing or something has lost its position (like spring tension) - i am just guessing. Sorry I don't have any ideas.
  15. perhaps the idle is set to high or to low... I had a problem with a FZR where the idle was set to high and no one could start it...
  16. Ok ill try that when i get a chance (hopefully tomorrow). I suppose it is possible because i screwed it back in all the way as far as it would go.
  17. Ive tried turning the idle right back down and that didnt really help, and now i have to charge the battery lol. When its charged i will try going right through the range of the screw and try starting the bike at different stages and see if that helps.

    Basically what i did was remove the fuel tank, removed two of the hoses but not the main fuel hose and had the tank sitting on its side next to the bike on a milk crate for a few days.

    After puting the idle screw back in i then re-attached the two hoses (they just slip on) and sat the tank back on.

    So from that, is there anything that i could have possibly done wrong? There has to be something i am missing. Or is it that i just need to find the "sweet spot" for the idle screw for the bike to start?
  18. Turn the switch to the middle position PRIme this will get the fuel flowing down the the carbies, they might have dried up while sitting.
    Then just set it back to ON.
  19. Well ive tried everything and the bike refuses to start.

    Its got me wondering why it was all of a sudden running rough in the first place, before i went to adjust the idle and found that the screw was not hooked up.

    Now i am just deciding whether to bother taking it to a mechanic, or just leave it. I am planning on buying a new bike very soon (possibly in a matter of weeks) and i dont want to waste money on this one. But at the same time i was going to try and use the ZZR as a trade in, even though i wouldnt get a lot for it.
  20. I'd add to this , Turn the switch to PRI , and then crank it over for a short bit. Pop it back to RES , open the choke OR the throttle and crank it over .