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ZZR250 - Head Gasket Replacement. (First Motorcycle Project, Semi-Novice.)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Overture, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Hey guys! I've been reading the forum for about 3 months and finally got around to registering today since I just got my first bike!
    1992 ZZR250 (Had learners for 3-4weeks.)
    (Pics Inc. when my sister gets home >_>!)
    Its missing mirrors, but the body work is basically solid there's some tabs missing from the front left fairings which ill have to plastic weld, and some indicators etc, but that's all cosmetic really, the real issue is the engine.
    I got the entire bike for $600 and its only done 17,000 legit km's came with a spare seat, some O rings/spare mounts-screws etc, spare stand and some other crap. Also the rear wheel is new front will need to be replaced. But the seals on the front forks look brand new :D
    The carbs were prof cleaned same with the tank mind that (Look almost new.), but there is a very worn head gasket or so I'm told and was wondering if its a solo firstish time job? I've changed air filters oil etc. on cars, whats the difficulty level? Because paying a mechanic 80-90$ an hour for a job I could do myself! Don't not want !


  2. It's definately a lot more effort than just changing oil, filters.

    Do a compression test before starting.

    Have you got a manual for the bike yet, if so, have a read through it, and then see if you are up to the task of stripping and rebuilding of the motor....
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  3. Looks like it wouldn't be that hard, just a bit fiddly, and I'm missing some of the tools. D:
    i.e A compression tester >_>
    Also the guy said that the gasket was heavily worn (he had already check it out.) and I've got a brand new cylinder head already.
    Just I'm a bit worried about getting everything back in order, i.e camshafts etc. But I'm willing to learn! xD
  4. Nice one mate, not too many newbies would jump into a project like this, top stuff!

    Is she hot?
  5. If the head gasket is leaking, its buggered, If theres water in the oil, or water in the oil, you could suspect the head gasket. Although there are other seals that could be u/s as well.
    If you pull the plugs and there is water in one of the cylinders, head gasket is leaking. if one plug comes out all rusty and the other is a nice tan colour you would suspect the head gasket.

    If you replace the head gasket yourself, Make sure you set the cam timing correctly, if you get it wrong, catastrophic engine failure may occur.
  6. Haha I knew someone was going to ask that question...+1

    Head gasket change isn't too hard as you said, but definitely fiddly. Have to make sure that the crank and camshaft are aligned to their proper markings...definitely double/triple check before rotating the engine. If you're pretty mechanically minded, you should be able to do it...as long as you are not rushing it.
  7. Yeah I've got the Haynes manual now :) and a hardcopy original service manual with the zzr adjustments.

    I checked the oil etc and it had a brownish cream tinge to it! My mate might be coming over tonight aswell ^_^! If theres alot of crap etc, inside the engine itself should we go down to the local mech and ask to use there parts washer? or just try and go at it with a brass brush/engine degreaser? All I hope is the engine is caked with shit. :(

    Everything is off the bike now apart from the front forks etc :)
  8. Engine looked 100% inside :|
    Replaced the gasket and head, now its running basically perfect!
    Replaced all the oil/coolant with synthetic etc after flushing, bleeding the breaks now (thanks break bleeding kit, basically doing it one handed :D)

    Was running like 100% at 5pm when we put everything back together.
    But with the new pads on and the fork done, its going to be amazing! :D
    Hopefully might get to one of the learner group rides :-O (My Cortech leathers got here on Friday as well :D)

    (Will post pics, as soon as I can ^_^)
  9. Always love seeing neglected bikes being brought back to life :)
    Welcome to NR, come down to the 10AM Saturday Learner Session some time.
  10. Well done for having a go. Seems like you've had a result there.

  11. It wasn't all me, I coaxed my mechanic friend over, he mainly works on cars but him laughing at me and giving me advice while drinking all my beer helped ALOT. Probably would have been a bit more touch and go if I didn't have him there!
    A physical manual as well is a must have!
    Thanks for the support guys!
    (Pics will be inc, when my sister stops forgetting to give me her camera zzzz. :p)
  12. Good work. Now post pics of your hot sister :)