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zzr250 - fuel problem?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Cowboy Mac, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. hi guys,

    I was riding the bike today when the engine shut off. I pulled over the footpath and couldn't get it to restart with the choke on and then put the bike to the prime setting. This got it going again so I headed straight home in case it happened when I was further away, and the same thing happened again. I put the fuel switch to prime and away we went again.

    On the way home (I did get it there) the throttle response seemed jerky at times, like its not getting the fuel supply going through - like its really low on fuel even though its got pretty much a full tank. It had a 12,000km service about two weeks ago and they balanced the carbs (and the other items listed in a 12k service in the manual). I only fill it with BP ultimate, does anyone know what the prob could be?

  2. hi, its probably that u got the fuel tank breather clogged. Try and open it with compressed air or something.

    Hope this helps :)
  3. check the vacuum hose to the tap
  4. beat me too it. the zzr fuel tap works on vacuum. I.e. it needs a vacuum to open it (ie engine running) so fuel can flow, hence there is no 'off' position on the tap, just normal, reserve and prime. Prime is different however, it bypasses the vacuum requirement.

    As Oldbell said, check the vacuum line is making a good seal at both ends and not sucking in air from somewhere else.
  5. My immediate thought is the same as above. Breather, then vacuum line to the tap.

    If it happened at low revs and the throttle tended to clear at high revs, then it could be dirt under a float needle.
  6. I checked the breather tubes for blockages, even pulled off the tank and cleaned the petcocks. I imagine the vacuum tube is the tube that connects to the bottom of the petc ock? All these seemed to have good firm contact, but I still couldn't get it going. It had to go to the mechanics who drained the carbs and got it going, and their best guess was it could have been some water stuck in the jets. They recommended I add a litre of metho to the tank to dry out any moisture in there. Will this work and is it a good idea?
  7. not sure which way it goes frmo memory but it should be the thinner one... whack a thin cable tie on there in case if it doesn't already have one...

    no comment on the metho never heard of doing it.

    good luck with it...
  8. not that this helps but i have heard of some people using metho to displace water... some like it some dont. throw a bottle of that carby / injection cleaner stuff in first and see how that works..
  9. Will try this first. Thanks for the help guys.