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ZZR250 fuel problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Chris86, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Hi there i have a 96 ZZR 250 its a great bike until i get on the highway. If i hold on 100kmh it dies like its out of fuel . Ive had the carbies done and there fine
    Has anyone else had this trouble before ? If i sit on 80 its fine

  2. Hello and no, but I've moved your post to the right forum for you, this time.
  3. No but mine can die when idling just after starting, even with choke on. Just winds down and stops. Sometimes nothing will stop it dying. Once properly warmed up it doesn't happen, but if I touch the throttle or choke, even just to move the bike when still cold, it pounces!
  4. how long does it take to start spluttering at 100?
    I'd be betting that the fuel bowls are running out faster than being replenished, and would be checking the float levels..

    GD, tried winding out idle mixture screws a bit?
  5. After about 10 km it starts . It didnt do it when i first got it . It started after i over took a truck at bout 140
  6. Had this issue with mine!

    If you've had the tank recently off, check that the vacuum line hasn't been pinched or is leaking, this for me at least caused the bike to surge when on the highway but fine for slow work.
    Before taking the tank off, turn the selector to 'prime'...if it runs fine on this you then the above is a likely issue.
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  7. Yes but then it idles too fast.
  8. if it idles faster when you wind out the two idle mixture screws (bottom of carbs), then it's too lean at lower engine speed.
    need to adjust idle mixture screws to get higher rpm, then slow it down by the idle speed knob on left hand side.

    idle mixtures should be around 2.5turns out?

    NC that7s a good idea.. would also slow fuel bowl filling
  9. I don't think that's the issue. It can die from 3k. Just winds down.
  10. If you have a fuel filter fitted swap it for a smaller one.
  11. Could be a faulty diaphragm in the vacuum operated fuel tap. try turning the tap to the PRI position and go for a ride. If the bike runs perfectly, then you will need a new diaphragm from Kawasaki (or another fuel tap from a wrecker).
  12. Interesting approach, can't recall a fuel filter being fitted on the zzr from factory. If one was retrofitted certainly make sure its round the right way.
  13. Really??? No fuel filter??

    Or is it more akin to that fitted on the Zthou which is a specialised part that can sting you $700 to replace after one tank of shit fuel?

    (Lucky for me I have an enterprising mechanic in streetmasterstreetmaster who thinks outside the square).
  14. filter (sieve) is part of the fuel tap, in the tank (top 3cm of each white bit below.. difference in height is your "reserve")
    the sieve mesh is pretty fine, and anything that gets through will easily get through a carby :)
    no real need for a better filter.. (is not like you have injectors that need to seat every time they close)


    easier to see in this earlier version (GPX?)
  15. Fine silt does get through them, but nothing that can't be cleared with a can of carby cleaner. If there's some crud lodged in the emulsion tubes you're gonna have a bad day. The carbs aren't hard to clean but you do have to pay attention to what you're doing.
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  16. I had one on mine after we dicked around with the fuel tap. Was a big unit, intended for cars. It airlocked at speed and gave the exact symptoms described in OP.
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  17. Thanks for the information Ljilhan, never thought of airlocking.
    Asking as I just replaced a fuel filter with a much larger +cheaper one on my mower without second thought.