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zzr250 fuel in oil

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dags260, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. my 91 zzr250, which im trying to sell, all of a sudden has a massive leak. i have a look at it this morning and theres oil that smells like oil everywhere. im assuming its needle and seat/float stuck open, flooding the carbs and filling the crank case. so i drop the oil and only get about a litre out. my questions are i guess, could needle and seat/float be causign the problem and is there 2 drain plugs, 1 tucked away somewhere?

  2. Try dropping the oil filter as well, and yes sometimes that style of kawasaki has 2 drain plugs.
  3. it appears the oil filter is the drain plug. i pulled out the drain plug and a big circular plate came with it, on that plate was the filter.
  4. Nope, that's just the filter cover bolt. Note the location of the drain bolt in this picture I just took of Mrs Tree's ZZR.

  5. found it thanks. alot more oil came out this time.
    last question i hope. do i have pu oil in 2 different fill spots? or just the one where it says 1.9l?
  6. Glad to be of assistance.

    There's just the one fill point, where it says 1.9L. Check the level in the sight glass when you're done. Don't overfill it, just keep it where it needs to be.

    In future, when draining the oil, remove the drain bolt first, let the oil run out, then remove the filter cover. You won't get oil running out all over your arm that way. :wink:

    Also, warm the engine up before draining oil. Flows out better. :grin:
  7. yeah there was oil everywhere! so i fill where it say 1.9l and it fills box and engine etc? i dont have to fill on the other side?
  8. Fill it to the line with bike standing level. And straight (not on stand). I used to check mine by leaving the side stand down. Going round to the other side and pulling the bike towards you to the balancing point while looking at the oil level window.

    You will then need to start the bike up for a minute or so. To let the oil get right thru the system and oil filter. You will probably find that after switching off and checking again a little bit more oil is needed.

    Ps. the one fill point fills both engine crankcase and g/box.

  9. As V8 said.

    The beauty of the ZZR, for jobs like this, is having a centre stand. No need to try to balance the bike. :grin: