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ZZR250 - Front Headlight and Fuse Box

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Reveler, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys/Girls,
    My front light no longer works, I assume its a blown globe as all the other lights work (including highbeam). Just wondering if anyone can give me tips on
    1. Finding the damn fuse box on a zzr250 :?
    2. Replacing a bulb on a bike; I assume I will have to remove the fairings, if thats the case any tips on doing this would be appriciated. I don't want to take it appart and have no idea how to put the thing back togther again :) haha
    3. What type of bulb should I be using

    and finally an unrelated question
    4. What should my tyre pressure be? I asked the mechanic after the last service but have forgot :)

    Thankyou in advanced!
  2. I just realised I am in the wrong forum for this. There is that other forum with questions and answers to things similar to this already.. sorry bout that folks. But if you feel like answering anyway go ahead.
  3. fuse box will likely be located under the seat somewhere.

    if you do have to remove fairings (you may not though - I don't on my current bike) don't worry about it too much. They are actually quite simple to put on / off. When I first took my fairings off my first bike I took digital photos of the fairings, and noted which screw went where (to make sure it went back to the right spot). By the time it came to put the fairings back on it was surprisingly straight forward - I would expect you would find the same.

    Bulb - replace it with whatever is currently in tehre. This info will be in the manual and will change depending on the bike. Someone with a zzr may be able to help...

    tire pressures - somewhere around 34-36 is usually a good target. A specific tire pressure for your bike may be written somewhere on the swing-arm.
  4. If I recall correctly, the fuse box is under the seat (maybe near where the tool kit lives :? ). The headlight can be reached from underneath the instrument cluster....awkward, but not as awkward as removing fairings :wink:

    Replace it with the same globe which can almost certainly be bought from a servo. When you take out the globe, there is at least one clip that needs to be done up and can be tricky....just be patient! Also remember that the globe is a halogen, so don't touch the glass with your fingers....I always wear a pair of gloves.

    :D :D :D
  5. The correct tyre pressure is 28 Front 32 Back, thats what i use and thats what my manual says :).

    And i can't get to my globe in the headlight how do you get the back oh the headlight off :S? mine seems to be glued or something? PM me if u can help, thnx