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ZZR250 front axle torque spec

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mr Messy, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, planning on taking off the front wheel to tighten down the front fender (started rattling a little today going over bumps) and regrease the bearings while at it...

    One question before i go ahead (dont have a service manual for it...), does anyone know what the torque spec for the axle is so i dont under/overtighten it!

    Ta in advance!

  2. Seriously, I dont think I've ever used a torque wrench on an axle nut in my life. Its always, "thats tight", with a properly fitting socket or ring spanner. NOT an AFS..
    DRZ manual says I should be doing the front axle to around 30ft/lb so it should be close to that.
  3. Ta mate.. would expect more then that though... rear tyre is a 70ft/lb.
    See if any others know yet too ;).
  4. Rear axle is adjustable and subject to varying forces from the brake and chain and is a larger size, so needs to be kept as solid as possible.
    Front axle is a normal bolt (no adjustment) that just happens to hold the wheel on..
    DRZ manual says rear is 74 ft/lb.
  5. You can (and should) give it a bit.
  6. I've got the manual at home, I can check tonight if you like.
  7. 30-35 ft/lb, as long as it isn't one of the tricky ones where the axle bolt screws into a thread on the fork leg. Use loctite.
  8. Thanks guys that gives me something to go on for sure :D.

    That would be great MV so i know for sure for if i need to do it again :p.
    Aint doing it until sunday so no huge rush ;).
  9. Hmm i never noticed they had a torque chart on the 250wiki, thanks CS, thatll be handy for other things too :D.
  10. Service manual says yes.
  11. Awesome guys, appreciate it all.
    Into it on sunday to tighten that front fender down a touch more ;).
  12. There we go all done.
    Wasnt the bolt at all, one of the 4 rivets that holds the mounting plate to the fender decided it didnt want to be part of the bike anymore. Replaced, hammered its partner in crime that was coming loose, all fixed :).
    Greased the hell out of the axle and piled some fresh stuff in at the bearings too.

    edit: now to wash it, its filthy! (been riding in rain lately)
  13. wow, nice work