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zzr250 fork seals tool

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Life-on-Pegs, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Hey all,

    Im trying to change the fork seals on my zzr250 - I've gotten nearly all the way but I cant remove the allen bolt at the bottom of the forks. There is a "special" kawasaki tool that holds the damper rod in-place so that it doesnt spin when the allen key is turned - looks like this:


    Anyway I'm trying to source one of these locally or find a way to make my own. Some people have used a bolt welded to the end of a rod to hold the inside in-place (see link) - problem is that I don't know what size bolt to use.

    Does anybody have one of these tools (to give me the measurements to make my own) or know what size bolt I would need to keep the insides of the fork still?
  2. I ain't saying shit until you post a welcome thread you inconsiderate bastard !
  3. I thought you were on a Goonies run there crisis.
  4. Crisis is holding goonie forts on this one - only a few months from a big bike so saving up :)
  5. Done! :)
  6. Yeah the damping rod is a pain, what I did to get mine off was put a broom stick in to hold it and used an impact wrench to buzz the allen bolt off.
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  7. I do the same with my cartridge forks, but without the broomstick. It works most of the time for cartridges, but I couldn't say if omitting the broomstick would work for damping rod forks. Anyway, using the broom handle, you have to be careful not to bend anything.
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    So a mate of mine helped me take the forks apart using a rattle gun, made it look so easy and amazingly it took all of 30 seconds to undo the bolt on each fork. The seals are now replaced and good to go! Hopefully I don't put them back on my bike and find theres something else that needs to be fixed >:O

    edit: There was a little bit of corrosion on the chrome so I'll be cleaning that off asap, I'm pretty sure that's what caused the leakage
  9. Good to hear you're getting it sorted. :)