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ZZR250 fairing repairs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jorn, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Well it is a sad day indeed. The ZZR I share with my no longer better half has gone for a slide. While DH was at the helm. Question, can anyone recommend a fairing repairer. Left side fairing cracked from front to indicator. Scratches behind indicator through to black plastic. Bike is white/silver, graphics don't appear to be damaged so hopefully just repair and paint. Exhaust and front wheel guard scratches can probably live with. Gear change lever bent back in shape with some home panel beating.

    Live in Liverpool area but willing to travel if someone comes highly recommended.


    Jo :cry: :mad:
  2. I've never had work done by them, but I have seen there work.

    Colideascope (guess on spelling) hornsby or castle hill somewhere.
  3. My ZZR250 went for a slide going around a small round a bout and it was a writeoff, cos it was an import.

    Aside from repairs, the whole bike would have to be resprayed.
  4. You can do it yourself with a heat gun and some plastic welding rods. I've done so before.

    If it's shattered into bits (as opposed to cracked) then no-one will touch it. The time and effort involved is way too high.
  5. If it's just cracked and you aren't too stressed about cosmetics try a glue called "Qbond". Its a plastic filler powder you use with superglue. Basically you just take the fairing off, pour the powder into the crack from the back of the fairing and cover with superglue. It sets almost instantly and is tough as. I've repaired a crack in the exact same spot on my ZZR with it and it has been rock solid, even though I regularly abuse my bike over rutted dirt roads to the point of cracking other fairings from vibration, the repair itself has held up.
    If you're interested you can buy the stuff from an auto parts store like Repco or Bursons.
  6. Thanks for all your replies. At first I just wanted my bike back in mint condition. Now the anger has worn off and the sense is showing through I am not as fussed about the scratches. They came up a lot better than I thought with some cut back compound. No where near like new but much better than before.

    The crack I will need to get fixed. So far I have an over the phone quote from collide-a-scope for $35 which seems reasonable. Otherwise a few people have offered to help me fix it. At the moment gaffa tape has done a good job, although I have noticed some hairline cracks around the screw on the front fairing as well.

    It was just bad timing as I have the MOST test on Saturday, so stressed out a bit. Luckily the indicator still works. We have also rectified the gear lever prob. DH was very proud of himself for having made it perfectly straight. Only prob it is supposed to have a couple of bends in it so we couldn't get it into 1st :) . A bit of hammering and all is now functional.
  7. do it yourself with mcdonalds spoons and a soldering iron.
  8. What about glueing bits together such as.... 025. and to fill holes like....