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ZZR250 excessive clutch wear

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jorn, May 2, 2007.

  1. During practice just before my MOST test on Saturday my clutch went. Could let clutch fully out but bike would sit at friction point. Adjusted cable as much as possible and was able to ride home. Only one episode of slipping in 3rd while going up hill.

    Other half has same prob. and has it looked at nearest bike shop. Unable to fix with cable adjustments. No play in clutch said it would prob. be something big.

    Bike was already booked in for 12000k major service today. They said clutch has had it. Said was unusual for clutch to go this quickly as bike only has 12000ks on it. Said it is usual caused by letting clutch out then bringing it back in again. Sounds like he means fanning.

    Does this sound right? Just want to know what causes excessive clutch wear so we can prevent it happening again. Probably mainly due to previous owner as we have only had the bike for the last 1000ks. We have done a lot of riding at friction point for MOST practice but were assured that this doesn't cause premature wear as it is a wet clutch.

    Also, is costing us $350 to have it fixed. Is this reasonable?

    Advice please.

  2. may be caused by improper clutchless shift
  3. Bullshit!

    More likely due to full-throttle drag starts and wheelie attempts, although it's hardly the bike for either. Anything where the revs are high and the clutch slips for a long time before engaging is unfriendly to the clutch.

    The quoted price isn't unreasonable, but a clutch popping at 12000k is cause for concern. What was the last owner doing to it?
  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Maybe it's the nut behind the wheel!
  5. Try it with fresh oil. (correct oil)
  6. yea i think i was wrong


    seems either oil/ toomuch use!
  7. Not oil coz, workshop already pulled it apart and said plates are worn/need to be replaced.

    What is the "normal/expected" life of a clutch?
  8. 350 isnt too bad. But is this for a new clutch or what?
    THe springs might have come loose, or broken. Cheap to fix.
    I personally would take the bike appart and have a good look pretty easy to get too. Could save u some $$$ and teach u more about ur bike.
  9. Depends on use. 100,000km isn't unheard of even on sportsbikes, if they've been looked after. Killing one in 12,000km would be pretty hard to do without lots of clutch wheelies or drag starts - as Loz said, unlikely on the ZZR.

    Sure the odometer is accurate? :?
  10. Mmmm. Can never be positive odometer is accurate. But bike was in very good condition and it is technically an '02 model but was purchased new in mid '03. Would be difficult to get those kind of ks up in such a short period of time.

    I am rather mechanically challenged but I have heard talk of "springs". If these go and left unfixed could that cause it? Also bike has had 2 previous owners plus the 2 of us. That means most likely has gone through Ls and lots of low speed friction point MOST practice/testing 4 times. A fair bit of time practicing all that low speed friction point stuff. Would that do it?
  11. Most test wouldnt hurt it no matter how many u did.
    Id say lots of wheelies and burnouts.
  12. Very low prob of wheelies and burnouts considering the type of bike. Also, still had original tyres when we bought it a few months ago. Not denying anything you guys are saying. All valid points. Just trying to solve a what the. If it was something we did or a problem we left unfixed want to know what it was so it doesn't happen again.

  13. Very hard to explain. If the mechanic says it's worn (and not a manufacturing fault) then it really can only be a few things. The other possibility could be oil starvation (wet clutch). Perhaps if the previous owner let the oil run low/dry it *could* do some extra damage. Although you'd think there would be serious engine damage too.
  14. umm, why would this be a low probability? burnouts / jump wheelies are easy on this bike... and how are you 100% sure that there original? how many k's are under the belt? 1200? doubt it... there are lots of ways to mess with a speedo... And the clutch, get plates cheap from the wrecker, but they will be worn. clutch plates are like brake pads, made to wear out and replace.... the chance of you wearing them out again is minimal.
  15. Another possibility just occurred to me: 12,000km of badly adjusted clutch lever/cable? If the bike was *always* riding the clutch due to poor adjustment, that could do some serious damage.

    Though I have NO IDEA how someone would not notice that. :LOL:
  16. Want to make sure I am there to pick up the bike so I can quiz the mechanic with all of these same questions. Will let you know what they say.

    I am going through withdrawal now though. Really short with everyone. The bike is my form of meditation. The fact that it is off the road for something that shouldn't have broken this early makes me shittier.

    Nice2bnaked - if wheels are not original factory fitted they would most likely be second hand due to the date stamping, amount of tread left and cracking on the sidewalls. But you're right, you never can be positive of how the previous owner treated the bike. He was even more mechanically challenged than myself. I just hope this isn't a sign of problems to come.
  17. It should be right mate but at the end of the day it only has to last for as long as you're on restrictions. Then if it's a dud it can be someone elses problem. However these little bikes are pretty tough and the things that wear are replacable. Dont sweat it and enjoy the ride. :)
  18. Id definately agreee on that one.... but what is done is done now, so go out and enjoy yourself. I had a new clutch put in when i first got the spada, and it lasted 120,000kms of thrashing, trashing and crashing before it went again. Two weeks after i got it replaced, the gear selector arm went, becouse the new clutch pads emphasized the other problems.