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ZZR250 drains tank and doesnt need switched to res, WTF?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kransky.dan, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. hey all,
    Did my r-date the other day and passed!!! YEA, but on my way to customer care center the bike stalled, looked in the tank and it was bone dry!!!!!

    Had a look that the switch and it was on PRI.

    How is it that the fuel got drained all the way to the bottom with out having to switch to RES???
    No that i know its not an issue but dam it makes me worry about petrol a lot more!!!

  2. Are you sure its actually pointing to PRI, because i know a _lot_ of fuel taps have a long side on them which isn't the way its pointing.
    -o- OFF

    where -o- is the pivoting point.

    If its not that, then your tap might be buggered.
  3. Another possibility is that the relevant inlet tube sticking up inside the bottom of the tank where the fuel goes down into is broken off at the base. So the petrol then is drawn right down to empty.
    Happened to me.
  4. Prime will drain a fuel tank. Prime draws from the reserve or bottom of the tank, it is intended to get the bike going after running out of fuel on teh main tank.

    Regards, Andrew.