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ZZR250 Coolant Reserve Tank

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by takagawa, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Yesterday, I brought my bike to Mick at Performance Bikes for a major service. He sounded like a really honest and good mechanic. Today, I opened up my fairings because I had to fiddle with my ventura rack and I noticed the 'coolant reserve tank' was completely empty.

    I already knew about this before a week earlier when I was taking a look at it, and I told Mick to top up the coolant. And on my invoice, it says 'coolant $12'. But how come my coolant reserve tank is empty? Is it supposed to be empty? There's a LOW and FULL mark on the tank, shouldn't it be at least at low?

    I was going to call him up and ask him about it, but I thought maybe I'd ask you guys first.

    Here are some pics of the tank:

  2. No, it shouldn't be empty. Perhaps you have a cooling system leak/problem? Although I think if you'd emptied a whole reserver tank in a week, your bike would be runnign very hot and almost to the point of an engine meltdown.
    Oversights occassionally happen, like you say give him a call and give him the opportunity to make it right.
  3. Nah I don't have a leak. If I did, would have either seen it with Mick, or there should be a puddle in my driveway. I'll give him a ring tomorrow.

    The temperature guage is showing it fine though. It's never over half way.
  4. okay I've given him a call. He says that it's probably vapour lock. Like, there's an air pocket somewhere and its sucked the coolant in, so it just needs another top up. I'm dropping by later on today.

    Alright, I brought it back and topped it up no problems. He was explaining to me that normally after flushing the radiator fluid and filling it up, he starts it up and rides it for a bit, then stop and let it cool down. This is so those air pockets clear up and then top it up again. But those air pockets didn't clear up, that's why when I got home, the tank was empty.

    Anyways no matter it's all good now :),