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ZZR250 Clutch Cable EMERGENCY

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. I need a 94 zzr250 clutch cable. if anyone has one i'll buy it whatever time AM tomorrow. or can someone give me an approximate price. I had to ride from sunshine to broady with no clutch on the ring road today was not fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! need one desperately. i will go wreckers am if need be anyone got one. fairfield way or sunshine/broady. please please please. 0400 454 318 prank if need be seriously need one. thanks guys.

  2. Sorry no.. :) But riding with no clutch, how does that work?
  3. well, it shakes and stalls and lurches... but then u have it in neutral, rev it to 6k, stomp it in to 1st, hope for the best, redline, wack it up to 2nd then just take it easy and once again hope for the best. kill switch and brakes to stop
  4. yeah mine snaped last yr, it only cost abt $15-30 brand new if i recall correctly
    got mine from cosway in the city

    fairly easy to replace
  5. god that was piss easy to replace.... $20 from vic mc wreckers in hdlbrg. gear changes feel heaps better.... only prob is.. clutch is still too loose.... the little spinny things that screw into the back of the lever... as out as it can get.... the 1-5 knob on top.... needs to be on a half setting and then it still slips.... how can i get it more taught???
  6. I hope it's not like a kawasaki that i have seen, do the clutch cable all the way in to stop it from slipping. I.E. to tighten it we had to go against reason and put the cable into the clutch housing more.

    If you can understand what i am saying than your all good.
  7. Thanks for a great laugh... I hope I never have to go through that :)

  8. yeah i'll have a go hey
    thanks mate...

    it's not that bad seriously... i was thinking shit i'm gonna have an off here and everyone's gonna think i'm an idiot.... but it sure beat walking just wasn't the smoothest take off. that's what l plates are for!!!
  9. did you get a 2ndhand one?

    A new one should be tight to start off with and then stretch with time
  10. yeah i did get a 2nd, this is true
    might get a new one again, get sick of how loose my clutch is
  11. do you mean that the clutch is slipping (when clutch lever is out, revs will go up without a speed change when you open the throttle up)? You will want to loosen the adjuster, in that case. winding it out will actually apply pressure to the clutch cable. you should have about 1cm of free play before the clutch arm moves. Look at the clutch end of the cable and you should be able to work it out.

  12. i've got about 2cm of clutch play...
    and it feels like it should be pulled a little further in
    here's a crap little pretend-a-gram... i= clutch in, f= friction point, t handle getting tension.

    how mine is --t---f-i--
    how i think -t---f----i
    clutch should be

    hope that makes sense