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ZZR250 - Clutch cable adjuster on the handlebar snapped?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Linux_insidev2, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    The clutch cable adjuster snapped, i replaced it with a spare and it snapped again!
    Had a look and when the bars go right full lock it pulls.
    I checked the routing and nothing has changed, although i currently do not have the service guide for it. does anyone know how i'm supposed to route it? it feels like the cable is just too short.

  2. Check the route for the cable, if it was good before, and you have done servicing on it. Look for photos in the service manual if it doesn't explicitly tell you. also, look at how far it is screwed in at the cluch side, you can unscrew it to make the cable "longer", not too far though.
    If it's a known good cable, that is the problem. Just remember to route it where it will not readily foul anything (other then the steering head frame, I use electrical tape on mine to help protect the raw bits.)
    If it's a non-standard cable, new cables aren't usually that expensive.

  3. Yeah i had a look when i got home and it appears it was routed incorrectly, still a little tight of a fit though. hopefully it will not snap another adjuster when i get one :p
  4. well, back it out of the clutch housing a bit too, you can adjust the pushrod/adjuster mechanism too
  5. can i get a replacement from repco or something?