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ZZR250 Carbie issues?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Enrgkid, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Hey all, Me again.

    Having a few issues with the ZZR, I can start it, but it idles uncomfortably, and at full choke will only rev to 2k before dieing, and when it revs higher, throttling up cause the revs to drop and eventually kills the engine. It's a rather frustrating issue, I have adjusted the idle screw, but still nothing, so I think it's the carbies.

    Anyone got any ideas? I'm thinking I might have to rebuild my carbies, and clean the bowls out. which is something I have never done. any pointers??

  2. What colour is the exhaust smoke and the residue around the exhaust pipe. This may give you a clue if there is a mixture problem.

    Vacuum leaks can also cause the problems you describe, check for perished rubber boots where the Carbs connect to the engine.
  3. That's the thing it had smoke at first start yesterday when it was running fine, which was a light colour if i remember correctly. and then It just went down hill from there, maybe its a vacuum leak then. Will go home tonight and dismantle the entire bike to see if i can get in there.

    Is there a relatively easy fix for a vacuum leak?

  4. suck it?

    a vacuum lea, much like an oil or water leak, requires the leaky part to be de-leaked.

    luckily, with the vacuum circuit, its mainly blanking caps or rubber tubes that cause problems (brake boosters can cause some problems on cars but can usually be ruled out quickly on a small bike).
    and when you are replacing them, you dont end up with water or oil all over the place (if you do you have bigger problems)
  5. sounds nice and easy, I think I'll get home tonight, and just strip the whole thing, I hope it's a vacuum leak sounds easier to fix than a really dirty carby