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ZZR250 burning smell

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by tonee, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. i have an 02 ZZR250 and after every ride, theres a burning smell (like plastic) under the bike. I've tried tracing the smell and still no clue. I thought it was my L plates but i've removed it and i can still smell it.

    is this normal? or is it just a ZZR thing.

  2. Oil leak? Something melted onto the engine or exhaust?


    Maybe take the fairings off & have a gander.
  3. im not sure, it just smells like burnt plastic
  4. Hey you're in Yarraville too, maybe it's time to organasie a spanner night, I know mine could use some more spanner time!

    I'm tied up for the next couple of weeks, otherwise you could bring it around for a look...

    The misses ZZ-R had an oil leak a while ago, it would smell like burning everytime you stopped, easily fixed with a new gasket.

    If you're game, take the fairings off & have a look, it's only a dozen screws, four allen key bolts & two wires to unplug! :LOL:

    It'll take you an hour the first time, & 6 minutes everytime after that.
  5. You might have collected a plastic bag at some stage that melted to your headers. Id take off the fairings and have a good look around. Has it always done this or is it only recent? Maybe its a coolant leak? coolant smells a bit plasticky.
  6. If you've noticed, im the guy working at coles talking to every rider who comes to my register lol.

    Ill open pull apart my my fairings when i get the time and look for oil leaks or some crap stuck inside.