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zzr250 blown camshaft, engine stuffed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cptnrickstar, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    Have a zzr250 '93 with 49000 km.
    The camshaft has gone, the workshop have charged $350 and it is still having problems idling and revving, they said they can look at it more but it would get expensive (if they have to get in the engine etc) Typical!!!!

    Anyways I can get a zzr520 '95 w/ 33000km from a friend that has been sitting in his garage for 1.5 years. Seems pretty clean the engine. He wants to charge me $1000 for it. The bike is not registered.

    IS it better to spend more on the blackhole repair on a stuffed engine or buy this whole bike for $1000 and do an engine change. I have the repair book on hand and my mate has offered to help who can do the repair better than I can.

    Again I dont want to be wasting money at the workshop and it stuffs up later, i'm on restrictions until july 09 -Then i'm buying a real bike!! :) But I need fun until then.. I'm dying without my eggbeater bike, It's been at the workshop for 3 weeks.

    Thanks for your advice!! :)

  2. Oh yeah, is $1000 an ok price for it. It is unregistered and some of the flaring is cracked. Again just need the engine. cheers
  3. Probably.
  4. Whats wrong with the second ZZR?
    Can you get it on the road for the cost of a RWC and save a lot of stuffing around?

    It could be easier to swap the good bits from bike 1 cancel reg and re-reg bike 2.
  5. Well the second bike is unregistered and has been for 1.5 years. He had an accident with it (very minor) and it will need a VIV test for a current RWC. There is some bits stuffed from the accident like handlebars and stands etc that I could take from my current bike. I was going to buy that in the first place, But couldn't be bothered with all the stuffing around like Tows to get a VIV test at Vicroads etc.

    Just costs $500 for a VIV test and also would need a RWC on top.. Big pain I think.
  6. yes do this
  7. Well Hello again,
    After 2 days off work, I've managed to put this engine in to my old bike.
    wow it was a monster job, As it was my first time doing something like this on a bike. I've just done services haha.
    Lucky for me I had the downloaded book from the internet to guide me though it.
    The new engine seems much more powerful, I've only done about 5km on it since putting it together. I just hope it doesn't overheat or drop oil etc. I hope all those hoses and stuff are all put together in!! hahaha.
    I just think I need to play with the accelerator cable , I find the revs take a while to drop back down. It holds it a little. Then again could be a newer engine!! Fingers crossed!
    I just need to inform vicroads on the change of engine and they now need to inspect it.
    is the only engine number actually under the side flarrings. Because I need this, I don't want to be taking the fairings off again. Is there another place to find the engine number. thanks
  8. the revs do come down a little slow for the last 2000 or so. check the throttle cables and carbie action to be safe. the engine number is yes on the right side of the engine. should have written that down.. got the rego papers ? its on there
  9. Sweet. I will check the throttle cable as you have suggested. Good Idea. What is the best way to check the carbie action? As I need to have the fuel tank on to run fuel in. Yes I am getting the papers tomorrow night. The engine feels a lot quicker than what I had. Find that strange though. But it is about 25% faster I'd say.
    Must be better maintained.
    What is the best idle range for the ZZR250? I was told around 1000RPM.
    But it sounds like it is going to die at 1000RPM it starts beating.
  10. pretty sure its 1400rpm
  11. Kwaka reckon its 1250rpm. I need mine at 1500rpm otherwise the throttle response is impaired. Remember to adjust it when the engine is warm. Don't worry about running it higher, it's only a concern if you regularly spend time sitting in peak hour traffic, and the engine temperature begins to rise.

    The bike has liquid cooling, a radiator and a fan, as you know. Let me tell you, they work. I'm often sitting in traffic on hot tarmac and hearing the fan come on. Just check the coolant levels every month or so along with brake fluid, chain slack, etc.

    Pretty darn impressed you did an engine transfer in that kind of time period! I spent 5 hours just changing my oil/filter, adjusting the chain and cleaning the bike last fortnight! Sounds like you've also got a great bucket of spares for an unbeatable price. On ya mate!

  12. yeah 1250 is the kwaka recco but 1300 or a touch more gives better responce and slicker gear changes.. and yes i too have sat in the middle of a jam in 36deg and it never went past 70% temp..when the traffic moves its always good to have a gap between you and car in front to cool the bike as they drop temp very quickly.
  13. Sweet, Thanks Guys. I got her up to about 1400RPM and it sounds much more healthier. I will keep an eye on that coolant as well! Valid Point there also. I am also going to buy a replacement air filter tomorrow, along with some oil, filter and the sparks for a service. The air filter is black and dirty as all hell.
    The guy I brought it off told me the oil is okay, but I don't trust him.
    I have a very NOOB question, When you center your bike is the oil level through the glass supposed to be on half or full? I can't find reference to this in my zzr250 manual.

    It took me 2 days on the engine change, But i was picking my brains while doing it. Probably took me on say 14 hours. Wires and hoses everywhere, It was a nightmare. My friend that has done it before bailed on me after I dropped the engine (***hole) So I had to learn myself, sadly I had no choice. I was cursing under the sun half the time, but got there okay! The process of replacing the engine has taught me so much! ZZR-250 is a ripper bike, SO glad I got this over the CBR250RR I was looking at. Fits me ok for a 250cc considering I'm 195cm's.
  14. between half and full on the flat.. best to fill with the recco amount.. should be 1.9L.
  15. And this is best done with a measuring jug as there is SFA difference between full and over full.
  16. aint that the truth... kmart sell measuring funnels with a tube and tap on the bottom. very handy for this.