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ZZR250 - Adjusting footpegs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by nooneuknow, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Hey all! :)
    Got the baby back and they replaced some parts (chain & sprocket) - feels waay better!
    Only thing is footpegs are in slightly diff position...makes it hard to gear down.
    Can I adjust themand if so how? How difficult is this?

  2. I'd say the footpegs are probably in the same position. What will have changed is the position of the gear linkage on the shaft that goes into the gearbox. If you have a look at the gear lever by the left footpeg, you'll see that pushing the lever up/down rotates a shaft about 10mm diameter that goes through the front sprocket cover and into the gearbox. The lever is attached to this shaft by a collar that matches up to splines on the end of the shaft, and a clamp bolt to hold it together. Undo the clamp bolt, and take the collar off the shaft. Might be a good idea to mark how they fit together first. Depending on how you fiddle with the gear lever before you put the clamp back on, you can make the lever sit higher or lower. Play around with it until it feels comfortable for you, and then permanently mark the position of the collar on the shaft. Next time the sprocket cover comes off, you'll just have to line the mark up again to have the gear lever in the right spot.

    I hope all that makes sense.... :wink:
  3. Hey,
    Is this the same for a GPX250? I bought mine last week and find that the gear shifter is too high and I find it a real effor to shift up gears. I looked at the clamp and collar but was apprehensive about touching it without knowing what I was doing. Also I read through my owners manual (about 3 times!) looking for how to adjust it but could not find anything.
  4. Nocker - pretty much yes - frame is only diff b/w gpx and zzr.
  5. yep adjusted my gpx gear lever two weeks ago as was also too high just remember when you make it lower for easier shifts don't slam it heaps anymore :)

    also on the linkage shaft there are two locking nuts and one of them has left hand threads (the one towards the front of the bike i think) so take it easy when undoing it :)