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ZZR250 - a couple of problems.........

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by paulm_collins, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Hi all !!

    Just a couple of quick questions.
    I bought my ZZR250 from Sumoto (yeah i know.......) and recently had the first service done by them (only cause it was half price).
    I had noticed before the service that i had what i can only describe as a 'wurring' noise coming from the front of the bike when travelling at a fairly normal speed. I thought I had heard this somewhere before and was pretty sure that it sounded like the wheel bearings.
    I asked Sumoto to take a look and they said that they did and couldnt find anything wrong with the wheel bearings.
    Would you trust them or do you think they just didnt bother looking ?
    Im still getting the noise and its really frustrating !!!!!

    Secondly, I am only getting about 200kms out of a tank. Does this sound right ?
    I realise that my bike is quite old (1993 model) but my friend has a new Hyosung 250 and he has the same size tank as me (as far as i know, 18ltr?) and gets over 400kms out of a tank.

    Thanks all !
  2. I get 300 k for 13 litres from mine. given its an 18 litre tank it doesn't sound good. It's only from what i have read here but i would try to get a second opinion.
  3. Did you specific tell them to ONLY look at the wheel bearings? it could be the brakes.

    Fuel range will depend alot on how you ride, and are you sure you got a 18lr tank?

    I would say 400km is a bit optimistic, I used to get 300km on a VTR250.
  4. Im pretty sure that the fuel tank is 18 litres (check this link : http://www.motorbikes.be/en/Kawasaki/1993/ZZR 250/ )

    I said to Sumoto about the noise and told them that it sounded like wheel bearings to me. They said that they checked them and it wasnt and they also said that it may be the brakes but didnt actually do anything about it.
  5. Tell them a couple of people have commented on the whiring noise and you're worried it might be dangerous. And let them know about your petrol/milage issues...

    In future, never give your diagnosis when getting your bike fixed - especially under warrenty etc.
    A simple explanation of the problem (eg: whirring noise from the front of the bike has you worried).
  6. Not sure bout the noise, have you checked the tyre itself? Not rubbing on anything or any abnormal tread wear or anything?

    As for the fuel consumption I have a 92 zzr250 and get 280km till I need to switch to reserve, and thats giving the berries 85% of the time.

    Hope that helps.
  7. my last bike was a zzr. $5 used to buy 100 kms roughly. ofcorse that was when you got 5 lt for $5 but 200km sounds low. i had a 92 model. went very well.
  8. You should be getting 300-350 clicks from a full tank. Are you filling it completely? How much fuel goes in at the pump? That will give us a better idea of what's going on.

    It's possible it's running very rich, that you're not filling it completely or that there's something reducing the capacity of your tank significantly.
  9. hey mate,

    I have a ZZR250 '02' model and I get 300-320 from a tank before hitting reserve.

    If you dont mind i'd like to add a question to this thread that may be related.

    Can someone tell me if its normal for the brake pad to be touching the discs (front only) with no brake applied. When pushing my bike with it turned off the pads can be heard touching the disc surface and rubbing only gently. Im sure at speed i can hear a whirring from the front of this occuring, could be similar in your case?

    Any suggestions...is it normal? improperly adjusted?
  10. What are some of these range estimates?
    Are you guys just making these numbers up or what?

    From a full tank down till i hit the reserve, I usually get from 235 to 260, though on the open road that pushes up to close to 300. I believe Egiest was saying he got a little less than I did, but similar numbers.
  11. No, my range of 300-350 isn't an estimate at all, it was 15 months of use on a GPX250 (same engine, same sized tank). Fuel economy was typically 4.5L/100km, regardless of riding style (hard or easy). If you're not getting that sort of range I would guess that you're either not filling it completely or your bike isn't at an ideal state of tune. Unless of course the extra 8kg of the ZZR over the GPX is accounting for your loss of range. :LOL:

    EDIT: for reference: http://www.kawasaki.com.au/au/all_products/motorcycles/motorcycles_subcat_sport/zzr250/main.htm
  12. F/L my old zzr used to hit 326 (almost every time) before having to hit resevre.....

    It was a 97, with a stuff top end..... personally, i can't understand how so many others are getting such poor fuel ranges out of the same bike....

    Stupid question but i know i have done it once but are you guys turning the choke off once it's warm?

    Take you bike somewhere else and get it checked....
  13. the whirring noise at the front could be a warped disk I had heard it was a bit of a problem with older ZZR's and GPX's and being a 93 model its a very good chance it is
  14. Yes, this is perfectly normal.

  15. Falcon Lord - I always got 300+ out of a tank on the Vampire. You been keeping it serviced ?

    300 was in fact my default refill point, I very very rarely hit the reserve under that, usually the reserve point was 320+
  16. Yep keeping it all serviced, only got 235 out of the first tank, and got similar out of the second. Same occured streight after servicing.

    Mayby I am just a bit slap happy with the right wrist.
  17. I too am surprised at some of the poor fuel ecomony people are reporting.

    I can always hit at least 300k's then i think about filling up. Hit reserve around 320.

  18. Dont know about perfectly normal, when you push it is it a consistant noise or does the scraping fade in and out if it does the disk is warped or a brake piston is sticking for normal operation if you hear it it should be ever so slight to the point you have to consentrate to hear it.
  19. yeah it does fade in and out a bit, but noise seems to be present for the full rotation of the wheel. If the disc was warped i would expect the low spot to lose contact. maybe sticky pistons? Could be a bit of both?
  20. could be, a good thing to check is how your brake fluid looks if it has not been flushed for a while moisture and grit will get in there and rust a piston up causing it to stick if the fluid is dirty there is a very good chance this has happened so you will need to have the caliper rebuilt and maybe the master cylinder and of course the fluid changed.
    You could try the cheap nasty way and unbolt the caliper try and push the piston in flush the system remount the caliper bleed the brakes and see how you go but it may well do it again a week, a month or a year down the track.
    Although without seeing it at the moment its just a bit of guess work, hope it helps.