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zzr25 broke chain, sproket cover, now gears wont change?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by randy_rider, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    My chain broke on monday night on the tullamarine freeway, I was travelling at 100ks in 6 th gear, when my chain broke and the engine stalled.

    Luckily for me the back wheel didn't lock up, and I could coast to a stop.

    I've bought a replacement chain, but when I tried to replace it last night I've found that the sprocket cover was cracked, and the old chain was stuck tight somewhere in there.

    I removed the gear change lever and the sprocket cover and found that the chain has broken through the sprocket cover and chuncks of the sprocket cover had jammed the chain.

    So I removed the chunks of sprocket cover, attached the new chain to the old chain, and since I knew the bike was in gear, threaded the chain through by hand.

    The problem I still have is this, I can only change gear down to 5th and back up to 6th. I can feel it change normally between those 2 gears. When I try to change down lower than 5th the clutch feels normal, and the gear lever feels like something is resisting it.
    I think that the clutch is probably damaged, does anyone else have any other suggestion to pursue?

  2. Without looking at it , i'd have a edumacated guess and say thet the shift rod has been bent ? When the chain breaks and wraps around the drive sprocket all sorts of damage can occure: like cracked gearbox houseing etc etc .

    Is there someone nearby that can have alook see at it for you ? it may be a bikeshop job to check for unseen damage ?
  3. Snapping the chain usually results in all manner of nasty surprises. Put it on a trailer and take it to your local mech for a full check up.
  4. Is it all back together?

    what is your chain tension correct?

    It would be unusal to be able to go straight through all the gears just sitting there anyway.

    You need to be rolling for that. If it's just sitting there you would need to rotate the engine a little. If it's all back togheter, it may be just a matter of putting some load on the rear tyre.
  5. Shouldnt be the clutch, ZZR clutch does tend to stick when cold so a bit of resistance and hard to roll while in gear is normal.

    Chain breakages will often damage gearbox, which is not fun.
    But things could be alot worse, lucky it didnt lock the rear or injure you with the chain.

    ZZR dosnt like changing while stationary (most dont) try it while running and let the clutch slip a bit and give it a rock back and forward.

    Check your chain isnt too tight, if you adjust it on the center stand it tends to get tighter when its back on the ground. 35mm play if I recal correctly.
    Possibly related to why the last chain broke?

    Did you change the sprocket too? I imagine its pretty mutilated.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions..

    I thought there may be more to it than just the superficial bits.