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N/A | National Zzr1100

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Mr Messy, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys.
    Am eyeing off upgrade - potentially VFR800 or Sprint GT or....

    if i take a cheaper option for my first leap to a ~litre bike, im thinking ZZR1100.

    If anyone has, or knows of anyone having; a ZZR1100 for sale (preferrably with the series D engine (about 1995 on)) and can vouch for its being in good nick, please send me a heads up. Happy to travel to get it if its good...

    Am frequenting bikepoint and ebay so no need to point any out there, more in the local listings that i wont have access to from here ;).


  2. Are you on a ZZR 250 at the moment?
    I might be interested in it when you upgrade.

    BTW, my ZZR 1100 D series ROCKS!
    Excellent choice. Good luck.
  3. absolute dragon slayer in their day, reliable as a root ona sat'dee night, and torque to talk about.. my favourite ride. (if we're talking rides that don't talk back that is)
  4. Yeah Finn its a 02 model, so far ~36k kms on it. Fairing is a little shabby and so are the cans after the previous owner laid it down both sides at slow speed... but ive been thinking about buying a fairing kit to make it look better for sale. Engine and gearbox ive looked after real well with friction plates, valves checked, carby cleaned and balanced and coolant and oil and filters way more often then they need ;) hence my mechanic loving me :p.

    With fairing kit ill likely be looking to sell it for ~2500 mark. Without probably ~2000 mark. Kit is around $600 i think.
    Have been on the hunt with wreckers for a set of cans for it but noone ever seems to have them!

    Its people like you nobby who make me want it even more if thats the route i end up taking ;).
  5. Nice looking machine. Very shiny and pimp.
    Gives me some ideas for my own ZZR.

    How soon you looking at upgrading?
  6. Full licence middle of next month. Will be happy to sell the 250 whether ive got a replacement for it or not as theres 2 other bikes i can ride to keep me sane while finding the right one ;).

    edit: erm, well one i can ride before full licence, the other will have to wait until then. Owners of both will be frowning and fretting and whining about it the whole while, but hey needs must :p.
  7. Hmmm. Ok.
    Piccies etc?

    I'll PM you my email if you like. (if you're not ready post 'em up here yet)
  8. Yeah PM away, will take a few tomorrow before work for you.

    Rego ill get the exact date for ya.
  9. Done mate.
    I look forward to seeing 'em.

  10. bikepoint's got a few, for comparison
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.