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zzr1100 problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rotate, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Gidday

    Well i have been a long term browser of this forum but i finally decided to register as i need some advice.

    I am the owner of a 1990 model zzr1100. Lately i have become quite found of wheelies :grin: . I know the bike is probably too heavy and too long to be wheelstanding but i come from a dirtbike background and wheelies are just too damn fun.

    Anyway today i tried to clutch it up in second while leaving a friends house. As i clutched it i heard a snap sound. Now after this happened i backed straight off and pulled to the side of the road. The gearbox still shifts fine and no noticeable grinding or whining the engine still runs find but the bike exhibits a shaking or vibration that moves up and down with the rpm. This happens whether the clutch is pulled in or out. Im trying to figure out what this could mean. Perhaps a problem with the clutch basket either way i think that it has to do with something before the gearbox.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and im glad to be part of the community.


  2. Always had a bit of a liking for the ZZR 11. They track a beautiful line like they on rails when pulling like a freight train in 2nd and 3rd :grin:

    Very difficult to diagnose. :? sounds like maybe you chipped a gear somewhere.
    I would ring around your local Kwaka dealers, take it to them and give them a ride. Chances are they may have encountered this before.
  3. You will pop your fork seals straight out soon too..
  4. I think I remember that the balancer shaft is chain driven - it's a far shot, but if it is broken it could explain vibratrions
  5. thanks fellas well i took the day off uni today, meaning i didnt go and i am going to pull the cases off it and have a look around. Ill report back if i find anything nasty.

  6. ZZR

    I run a ZZR in my roadrace sidecar. Very prone to damaging #3 big end bearing as this is only fed from one side. We cross-drill the crank to eliminate this happening. Usually the vibes are a telltale sign it's on it's way out. Hopefully not! Get to a mechanic & get the oil pressure checked with an accurate guage. Maybe drop the sump & check for the signs of bearing material laying in the bottom. Duncan
  7. Well i ripped the clutch cover off this morning and well pretty much what i expected happened. The clutch basket snapped and about 4 of the forks that come out flew off it also managed to snap off one of the screw mounts that hold the clutch springs in ????.

    Any way i need a new clutch backet and inner hub, anyone know where i can find a good second hand one, because genuine new ones are rediculous in price.

  8. ZZR

    Let me have a look in my box of bits at home. I think I can help you out.
  9. mate that would be awsome if you have them laying around. I would have pmed you but i dont have twenty posts yet lol.

  10. ZZR

    Yep got one there. I'll drop you a PM for details. Duncan
  11. That's very interesting. Do you suppose it's an inherent fault in the design, or is it only due to the lateral Gs that a solo's engine would never see?
  12. ZZR

    Have seen this crank problem appear in a couple of road bikes as well. Usually had the ring thrashed out of them & not looked after.
    Another mod we do is an oil drain from the right side of the head down to the sump as left corners the oil will build up as they drain down the cam chain tunnel on the left. Duncan
  13. thanks a lot sidecar ill give you a ring shortly, yeh its a c model and i think the previous owner did not maintain it that well, its got 70000 kms on it and its starting to show the test of time, but i got it fairly cheap so i am not complaining.

    Anyway heres a pic for yall


    one of the cast peices that the screws for the clutch springs screw into also snapped when i undone it???? dont know why all the others seemed fine.

  14. Nicely done, mate.
  15. ZZR

    Holy snappin ducksh*t. That's had the royal order! I've done a few gearboxes, but not seen a ZZR clutch go like that. :eek:
    Just looking at that pic & noticed the last clutch plate is not in the right spot. It should be lined up into the shorter groove. Check the manual if you can get your hands on one. If not I'll see if I can post a pic up for you. Duncan