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ZZR won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Spectre, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Time to pick some technical brains...

    Been having some battery issues with Julie's ZZR250, so finally bought a newie, now the bike won't start. Battery's well charged, but hit the starter button and all we get is the click from the relay and nothing. Not a murmur from the starter motor. No combination of sidestand/clutch helps (that'd be a bit of a co-incidence anyhow). I'm thinking (hoping?) maybe just a stuffed relay, any thoughts?

    Oh yeah, the bike roll starts fine.
  2. Just a click? Click and lights go dimm?

    If the relay is clicking its trying to work (obvious innit?) So its either the solenoid not moving or the starter not moving. Could try tapping both. They are either not moving cos physically stuck or cos they aint getting enough current. Look for clues which it is. If its current its going to be a connection. One of the big wires of the starter or the battery connection or earth itself most likely. If its stuck tapping the solenoid or rocking the bike with it in gear will work

  3. Could it be a sticking starter motor solenoid?

    Usually you could hear the click coming from the starter motor itself.

    This used to happen in my old escort a lot. Sometimes you could GENTLY tap it with a hammer to free it up, but ususally it was the start of greater starter motor problems?

    (This also used to lead to AGGRESSIVE tuning of the Escort with said hammer)

    Someone here will know about this problem for sure.
  4. Before you try the 'hammer' approach, what condition are all the terminals like? not the battery ones.. you covered that with the new one :p
    But the actual wire terminals on both the battery and starter mtr , are they all clean ( any discolouration could be a corosion build up ) and therefore not letting the full reqd electrical current to get through to do its job.
    If in dought remove all the nuts and pull back the wires enough to give em a rub with emerypaper or even a scratch up with a screwdriver will do in a pinch .
    Then if that dont help...... yeah its alittle deeper and you will need an auto elec or a bikeworkshop to find the fault for you .

  5. It's pretty easy to check the start relay.

    Pull it out and put 12V across the primary. Put a multimeter across the secondary (ohm meter). It should show all but zero resistance.

    But I vote with Bob. This is what happens to mine when the battery terminal gets grubby (I think I may have a porous terminal). The contact between the terminal and the lead is not good enough for the full draw down current of the starter motor.

    The result is 'click', then a dimming of my dash lights and no action below, except a tightening of the sphincter, if I'm already later for work.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Finally had a chance to have a close look the other day, I think I've narrowed down the offending item to what looks like a relay for the starter motor. The clicking was coming from the junction (and fuse) box, but its a sealed unit so I don't know what's in there.

    The relay is a circular metal device with a multi-pin connector, a 30amp fuse, a hot lead from battery + and another lead off to the starter. It happily has 12 volts going in but a very stubborn zero volts on the starter side. Gotta try to sweet talk a local dealer to see if I can get one to test my deductions before forking out cash.
  7. Had the same problem with my old GPX. Ended up being the starter solenoid. $5 from a wrecker, good as new.